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  • Amazon Customer - liver cleanser

    I think this product works to cleanse the liver... I didn't have any side effects, so I will use it again in the future... I also feel less sluggish...

  • Mountaineer - Poor choice for review

    As others have already written, this is not updated for the new exam. To make matters worse, there are calculation errors in the practice questions. This is a very poor review book.

  • Amazon Customer - I bought this product at the mall and like many of the reviews on here

    I bought this product at the mall and like many of the reviews on here, the sales person did say that what was rubbing off in the tiny balls was my dead skin. This is something that they say to try and show you how well the product works; it is more like a combination of some skin and dirt mixed with mostly the drying product. Though it is a somewhat misleading description, this stuff is pretty good. I use it in combination with coconut oil for my boyfriends extremely dry skin. He usually has dry patches and minor black spots around his nose and forehead but since using this product it seems to be improving. Overall I like this stuff, but don't pay more than $35 for it at those kiosks or it's not worth it.

  • Niki A. Tastet - A Great Program

    I am totally surprised by all of the negative reviews on here. I had not read them until I posted my review.

  • R. Vlk - Really good product

    I bought this for myself and as a gift. This works wonders. A friend of mine bought a drone to play with using his iPad. He managed to fly it over his house and right into my car that was parked in front of his house. It was funny until I saw that the little plastic rotors left some serious looking damage. I used this where the little rotors left several thousand slashes and in 10 minutes everything was like new again! I was so happy.

  • P. Green - Horrid - stay with 2010

    I've been a Microsoft guy since pre windows 3.1; My actual first computer was a KIM 1. A lot has changed since word star and early office products, but Microsoft continues to screw the people who put them where they are at with these kind of horrid products. Who does the CEO think he is trying to get everyone in his cloud so he can just open a virtual store and sell royalties? Guess what Microsoft; you're 10 years late to the cloud party and I don't want your cloud, I bough a solution that I thought I could install and be left alone to use in private. Instead you want to force your live accounts, Xbox junk and every other popup and annoyance to make sure you get your users to the cloud. As much as I've tried to turn all the bells and whistles off that distract me from the base usage, it's impossible. You guys really screwed up a solid product and made it just like your useless windows 8. I am embarrassed for you Microsoft and you should be ashamed. While Gates is running around in the globe with his philanthropy efforts, he left the company and users prisoner to the worst software company on a global scale. STAY away from 2013 - keep 2010 or find a free office product. Microsoft, I hope you guys are off the map in a few years and Google or someone who knows how to develop software can replace you guys because I've spent thousands on your products over the years only looking for the same experience and instead I am continually force down your path of trying to make everything Microsoft and broken services. Developers, license managers - anyone with Microsoft should be holding their heads down with such an embarrassment of this 2013 office and windows 8/8.1 - thanks for the brand new broken computer because your horrid software. "And not to get into how many computer manufactures you've smashed and ruined because they've been held hostage to your broken software." Uggg, I hate to go Mac, but because MS is so horrible I'll consider it more next time - can't take it anymore.

  • Princeton Reader - Horrible POS-- gave 1 star because the review would not take none

    As a long-time waffle maker, I thought I'd splurge on a nice, if somewhat expensive Belgian waffle maker. It is the worst product I have ever used. At least in the small applicance category. It is going in the trash today. It has a nagging tendency to stick, no-stick surfaces notwithstanding. It has a flimsy metal clip that is supposed to keep the swivel mechanism locked in place. It broke on the third use. Sine then, it will not stay upright when you turn it to extract the waffle. Extract is the right word, too, since I have to peel one half off, try to get the other, then reassemble on a plate. Dreadful, terrible, awful. Now for how I really feel......