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  • Kira - Brand New Attitude

    Well to all my Brand New Ladies who out ording them some brand new booty. It did change my attitude with being a new person I don't have to switch hard no more to show what I got now. So good Luck ladies on ur new booty and you don't have to shake to bring it..Lol

  • LMacey - I HATE this thing

    I HATE this thing. It's nice to save time on the cards, but they're glorified flash cards. I could make these things myself and have more room to write than on these. Filling them out takes a lot of time and it's not active learning. All you do is transfer information from a drug book to a card. Making the cards would help me retain more information than filling them out. Plus, the binder is extremely cheap for how much I paid for these things. I dropped it once and all three rings broke, so now I have to use a freezer bag to hold the cards. Unfortunately my college force us to buy it (you're penalized in clinical if you don't have it). The cards are awkward to carry around. If I had a choice I would not have bought these.