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  • Maria Ollis - POPSCI

    4 stars. Just took a little long to download. Otherwise a great fit for your tablet. Graphics on HD tablets are amazing.

  • erin - counter-productive in verbal, minimally helpful in math

    I used this as my only resource for a couple of months of preparation. The verbal section, especially reading comprehension, is terrible. I got questions wrong time and again. After reading the answer and explanation, I still couldn't see why the answer I had picked was wrong. After wasting too much time beating my head against the wall regarding reading comp. with Kaplan, I started looking at other prep sources and found some that were much better, like the ETS book and I got a perfect score in the verbal section on the actual GRE; I still can't figure out the reasoning on Kaplan's reading comp. questions. This tells me Kaplan's questions and answers are simply poorly conceived and written. It wasn't me, it was them.

  • Annie Wright - Tonalin CLA

    I have been using this product for a month and just with heavy meals and I can really tell a difference in my abdominal area. I even noticed less bloating and water weight gain. I would recommend this product to new moms or anyone struggling with that hard to lose belly fat. I would also recommend weekly excercise such as walking, dancing, etc....

  • Abby - Long and Strong Shampoo

    You can really feel the difference in your hair strength after using this product. It is also sulfate-free, which is a huge plus. I will be purchasing this shampoo in the future.

  • Shorty J - Great Tasting Muscle Recovery Product

    I am using this along with MUSCLE BUILDER by MUSCLETECH. MUSCLETECH products have always been amazing. I have been using them for 16 years and I have never been disappointed. This MYOBUILD is helping me recover better after my workouts. I am not as sore when I use this product and it tastes pretty good!

  • adriana - Had it painted and looks great. The body shop said easy to install and ...

    Had it painted and looks great. The body shop said easy to install and everything fit easy on my 15 Rubicon JKU.

  • greg - Easy way to hide your valuables or your mess

    I remember when this used to come with the car when you bought it instead of being an add on. Everyone needs one of these to keep prowlers from seeing something to steal. I bought this the same week we bought our Equinox. I didnt want to pay Chevrolets over inflated price.