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  • J. B. - Switch to methyl-B12 and never look back!

    If you found methylcobalamin, you've probably done your homework on how it is superior to cyanocobalamin. This was a recent discovery to me, and after easily finding supporting research in public medical journals I tried it out. Wow, what a difference! All the women in my family have been low in B, some have gotten B 12 shots for years on end. I've tried many supplements but never truly felt the effects and was always disappointed. This stuff though, it really works! I take a half-dose of this once or twice a day depending on how I'm feeling, it just dissolves under your tongue and in a few minutes you feel like doing stuff again. Not jittery or hyped up, just ready to tackle the day. I also sleep better too. I let a friend try some and he noticed his insomnia is gone, he now sleeps through the night for the first time in years! If you've found your body doesn't take to other B12 suoplements, this one is definitely worth a shot. And with the name Jarrow Formulas behind it, you know you're getting quality.

  • mccm - These shoes are great especially for larger and heavier runners

    Over the years I have wandered away from Asics and now I know why I came back. These shoes are great especially for larger and heavier runners. (over 6 feet and 230 lbs), even with some minor aches and pains which one develops over the years.

  • maree - Like it a Lot

    I am 62 so rely on finding good products to help with "beauty maintenance." I have been using Cold Plasma Sub-D for a month and am amazed that a cream can really make a difference. Have seen a smoothing effect on my neck and jawline. Nothing else has worked like this. I have tried other creams that have burned my skin, left red lines, and dried out my skin. This moisturizes while it tightens the skin. The smell is different, but I don't find that a deal breaker. All I can say is, "wow - better living through chemistry." Will keep using this product until Perricone tells us he has something even better. I never thought a cream would have ny noticeable benefit on my neck.

  • JGreen - Reading the book was more like listening to a friend discuss any and everything that ...

    If you are a fan of the Awesomely Luvvie blog, you will adore this book. If you have no experience with the blog, you will adore this book. If you are breathing, you will adore this book. Seriously, it has something for everyone. Reading the book was more like listening to a friend discuss any and everything that was on her mind. An extremely funny friend that has a phenomenal point of view & razor sharp side eye.

  • Eduardo Rodr√≠guez Ringach - Neat reference book on Project Management and MS Project 2010

    Eric Uyttewaal's Forecast Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2010 is a neat reference book on Project Management and, certainly, a good guide for exploiting productively the tool of choice as soon as the installation is ready. It is also used as a textbook for learning PM fundamentals and MS Project (be it the Standard or Professional version or the Server capability) as well.

  • V. Parkin - Company will not stand behind their product!

    The NutriBullet is an excellent machine it does a great job but there is a MAJOR FLAW in the blade extractor. For me after about 3 months a rusty liquid was leaking out of the blade holder bottom. Not sure if that was actually getting into the smoothie?! YUK!! Then a few weeks later the blade locked up completely and would not rotate. My husband took it apart and said that they used a wrong material in the mechanism. They should have used a stainless steel part instead of the cheap part that rusts.

  • Mike - Very nice!!

    This Mustang console cover is VERY nice. It really adds some class to the interior of my 2016 GT while providing protection to the console lid. The Mustang logo really "Pops" and gets a lot of attention. The Quality is excellent, the shipping was fast, it adds style and protection to my interior and is a bargain for the price. I highly recommend; both the seller and the product.