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    I take the women's version and have for a long time;knowing how well they work I started my teen on them. If you do your research you'll find "not everybody needs a vitamin". Teens with their change in hormones, and less than adequate diet. It's a good idea now I take R.L's version because there a more soluble version than for example One a day. My system looses nutrients because of medical issues so for me it's wonderful. Teenagers are finicky and what one says settles fine the other will say the polar opposite. My boys take these, no complaint( except yes the size but it's certainly not a deal-breaker ) and have been for several months now. They use to take one a day for teens but the company decided to change the formula and make it a gummie for me that's a deal-breaker! I switched them over to these and both my boys have commented on the less acne,and easier on their systems.Not making the "repeat visit" and fairly frequently have been known to take them on an empty stomach. One of the niceties of R.L vitamins; they work with your system and are absorbed naturally not causing nausea feeling. I highly recommend them.

  • P. G. Elliott - Definitely sleeping better!

    I was hesitant about whether this would work. It was advised by our functional doctor who swears by it or a similar product. The first time I used it, after checking that the outlets were indeed grounded, I felt a tingling sensation in my feet and calves. I have noticed that after approximately 3 weeks' use, I have not woken up much during the night. Can't comment on long-term effects, which, apparently, there are plenty too, but I have not used it long enough. Definitely like the fact that I can sleep and hopefully regain energy during the day, although in my depleted state, this might take a while. Would recommend.

  • aardvark - Nice Surprise

    Instructions were a little vague, but because it is a fairly straightforward process the installation was painless and relatively easy. A little common sense and mechanical knowledge help. This kit made the install a breeze, worth the low price and then some.

  • Kai Kai - Good overall, a few minor flaws

    Pretty good product, good sound quality I am using it in my car connected to my AUX. What you expect from a Bluetooth receiver and does what it's supposed to do. Sound quality has no noticeable difference from a direct AUX cable. Unit has a nice soft touch plastic material that does is not prone to finger print smudges.


    I own three Air Compressors: An amazing yet EXPENSIVE Iwata -for multiple people & when I need constant hours of use, a Large LOUD one for Body Art and this Dinair for TRAVEL & PERSONAL Face Makeup!