New Beginnings | Alcohol and Drug Detox Treatment - A natural, outpatient detox program in Palm Beach Florida offering continued addiction recovery programs for long term recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Addiction Treatment Programs | Palm Beach Mental Health - If you need treatment for addiction, mental health, or specific needs, NBRC has a treatment plan for anyone struggling with their issues
  • Addiction Aftercare Program | West Palm Beach Center - We offer an alumni addiction aftercare program for those who want continued support in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • About Us — New Beginnings - NBRC is a recovery center providing treatment programs to those who struggle with addictive disorders, mental health disorders, and psychiatric disorders.
  • Our Team | New Beginnings Recovery Center - NBRC provides a strong management team of addiction specialists who have a strong background with a mixture of education and hands on experience.
  • Outpatient Facility | New Beginnings | NBRC - At New Beginnings we offer three state of the art facilities for our patients and an entire block of housing for our PHP residents. 
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  • Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs in Florida - Detox naturally with our outpatient drug and alcohol detox programs at Florida’s premiere detox and addiction recovery center.
  • Neurotransmitter Therapy Program | Restore Program Details - Our Restore program focuses heavily on neurotransmitter restoration and amino acids therapy for those struggling with intense withdrawal syndrome.
  • New Beginnings Intensive Outpatient Program in Florida - New Beginnings Recovery Center in Florida Drug and Alcohol Intensive Outpatient Program in Florida. Call 888-840-5189 to speak with an addiction recovery counselor.
  • Florida Sober Living Houses | New Beginnings WPB - We offer Foundations which is includes Florida sober living houses for men and women in recovery. 
  • Substance Abuse Counseling Programs | Addiction Counseling Programs - We offer substance abuse counseling programs. Our addiction counseling programs are designed to help those who struggle with drug and alcohol abuse and mental health disorders.

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