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  • E. M. Johnson - Navien makes absolute JUNK

    I had a Navien CH 180 installed only six years ago. I have put in $3,000 into repairs- yes you read that right. Every repair tech that has been here has told me no one is installing them any longer as "we found out they make a ten year boiler". I cant tell you how many times this system has failed- heat won't come on, hot water fails, unit is leaking...and all these problems have happened twice at least. Navien makes absolute JUNK. Steer clear of this company completely. I am tearing this out this year before winter hits. I refuse to put another penny into this useless system.

  • Danny Ahrens - An excellent piece of software.

    I have installed this software on 3 Windows 7 computers and 1 Windows XP Pro computer. The installation took approx. 80 secs.on each with no problems whatsoever. I do have high speed internet. Scans fast, works in the background, does not slow any programs I am using down that I can tell. I noticed it seems to take a little longer to boot up since it seems to be doing an initial scan. Most importantly, no virus, cleans cookies up, no spam. The Trend Micro Titanium internet security I had previously slowed all computers down so much you could hardly function with it. I am pleased I purchased this.

  • Kevin - Not only does it have a very strong foul odor to it

    Not only does it have a very strong foul odor to it, it really doesn't work very well. You have to apply very generously and leave it on for many minutes for any hair removal. Even so, it misses spots. You're better off shaving in my view. Also, be sure not to get this stuff any where near your eyes. Another thing, if you want to give it a shot, I suggest only trying a small part of body initially to see how your skin responds. GL

  • Rex Kramer - Best mount for the money, not so great for older sets

    I purchased a Cheetah mount in the past, so I had a good idea of what I was getting. What makes them affordable is the fact that they're modular. While this keeps the cost down, it does have some drawbacks, especially with older, bulkier flat panels.

  • Jessica - The worst part of my scaring was that I always had ...

    I have struggled with acne, cysts, and ingrown hairs for many many years. Typically they leave behind a scar or darkened area for months to years after they have gone. I've tried everything from oils to creams. My dermatologist has tried to help. Nothing has worked. Until now.

  • By The Numbers - I have had very good luck with it

    I received the cartridge quickly. Although this cartridge costs a little more than the cheapest that can be found on amazon, I have had very good luck with it. Copies are clear and the toner lasts a long time.

  • Cassie - The song selection is great and it is very entertaining for groups

    Got this for a 15 year old girl and she and her friends play it every time they come over. The song selection is great and it is very entertaining for groups. I could see this being a lot of fun for younger kids or adults as well. It's very fun to watch even if you aren't playing, great party game!