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  • ashley - Good Camera!

    Good camera and Company. Camera is good for vacation and for making Vlogs and video's for family, friend, YouTube video's. I will Recommend to everyone I know. Very helpful with everything as well. Thanks.

  • Penelope From SC - A Good Smattering of Popular Music Today!

    It's a good representation of hit music for the year, but I think it was a little bit of an off year...not quite up to par.

  • L. Cullen - Quicken 2012 The Official Guide

    Desperately needed some printed guidance to study to make this software behave the way I wanted it to. This book is just the ticket. And it arrived in excellent condition.

  • R. Ault - Much worse from a performance standpoint than the worst of the old Norton products.

    I have a number of systems here, including desktops and laptops with varying types of connectivity. They range from old 700GHz P4 units up to recent, relatively fast quad-cores, and I run a range of different antivirus programs as well - under the theory that since no single solution is ever 100% up to date (as proven by the failure of each and every one of them to detect new threats that have gotten through in the past) it is wise to have several different methods of detection of malware on the network-connected systems. As a result, I've had Symantec's Norton Internet Security and the free versions of AVG and Avast in use for some time, and I recently added Kaspersky Internet Security on one of the most heavily-used machines. And I am annoyed to have to say that Kaspersky has, by far, proven to be the worst from a system performance hit standpoint. I will most likely swap the Kaspersky out for AVG or Symantec, or perhaps try one of the previously untested competitors, in the very near future. At present, Kaspersky has been running a full system scan on this machine for 11 hours, and it is only at 22% completion. Part of the problem appears to be that it stalls almost totally when it encounters something that it considers a threat that is inside of an archive of any kind; some old backups from a website that had been hit years ago with a worm triggered a warning earlier, and since I really didn't need those backups anymore, I told it to eliminate the threat. That was about an hour ago. Any minute now, it will pop up another dialog box telling me that it can't get rid of the threat without deleting the whole archive, to which I will reply by clicking on the "Delete" button, and it will take a good many minutes more for it to follow that instruction. I know this because I've already been through this lather-rinse-repeat cycle over both such infected-website-backup archives and some inbound emails that had trojans inside zips. Even with those far simpler emailed zipfile attachments (containing nothing *but* the malware) it took a long time for Kaspersky to deal with them. Its own internal update routines also seem to have issues; five days ago, Kaspersky complained that it needed to update itself (which seemed odd, since I had it configured to do that automatically) and the update stalled at 17% for more than 24 hours before I finally rebooted and restarted the process.

  • jami - Thick, soft, applies foundation and powder wonderfully!

    I love this brand! I have tried so many of their products, and I am always impressed. I have seen these big oval brushes around for a while and finally bought this one. It is amazing! I've used it for my foundation, and it blended better than it ever has before. I also used it with the mineral powder from the same name (amazing by the way) and it worked wonderfully with the powder as well. I had been using beauty blenders for my foundation and I thought they worked quite well, until using this. Faster, smoother, and definitely more natural looking. The brush is super thick and very soft. So happy with this purchase!

  • vickym - all natural renewal cream for your face and neck

    love this product. all natural ingredients.this is so great. nice citrus scent. my daughter gave me the first jar and now i will continue to order this product.