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City: -94.6449 Kansas, United States

  • John H. - Good but not great

    Nice jacket, worth the sale price,I paid. Free shipping made it really nice, being that the price quoted is the price paid, rather than shipping fees adding to the cost.

  • Some guy in MS - Needs work - but no other choices

    I'm running server 2012 for a small business. Setup was easy, but it was a little convoluted for clients. Whatever you do,don't try to connect clients until they are upgraded to the Pro version of windows, or there is a long, sometimes difficult uninstallation and change of computer name required to reconnect which can be very painful.

  • Average Joe - Load it up

    This cargo bag is really cool. Has some features that my hard plastic one doesn't have and is more versatile.

  • Ladyyabiish - Nervous to try

    Nervous to try these pills for the simple fact the ingredients are different from the other estrolibrium pill bottle. But I guess we'll see.

  • Genevieve Wyatt - good antivirus program

    I had this program on another computer which need to be fix after a crash. The program did a fine job for the price which was cheaper than other antivirus program. I buy another McAfee antivirus program for this computer at Walmart during their Black Friday sale.

  • armyofsquirrels - Been Using K&N for years.

    I bought the car (06 Mazda6 with the V6) in 09 with 32K on it. I've been using these filters for about 2 oil changes after I bought the car. I use to use Fram that I would pick up at the local Walmart. After seeing videos of people tearing apart old filters on YouTube I decided wet "Cardboard" wasn't good enough. So I switched to K&N. The difference was noticeable to me at least, the car was just a lot smoother (sounds weird but it was). I usually pick them up at the Local Advance Auto and the Oil (Pennzoil Ultra 5W20) at Walmart. If you buy from amazon and purchase more then 2 its a good deal. At the time of typing this, it was 13.99 before Tax at Advance, and Amazon has them for $9.xx free shipping at 25$. Great Filter. Great Price at Amazon for those who Think Ahead.

  • LynH - No Place to Rest

    So many books today are filled with filthy language as if such was needed to tell a good story. This was the first book I'd read by D.L. Barnhart. I got it free through Prime, but I would not hesitate to try another. The story moved along smoothly without caustic language and kept me interested to the end. The characters were believable and although I'd suspected a probable ending, it was good to discover it's conclusion was well thought out.