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  • In Search of Value - Best Stroller I've Found

    We're expecting our second baby and we needed a new stroller. We have two strollers that we used with our first son -- the BOB revolution and a Maclaren Triumph. We were looking for a stroller that would at least have a rumble board and preferably also a second seat.

  • *Hobby* - I Used it Successfully on My XP PC

    I read the reviews from people who have had update and other difficulties and decided to order the software anyway. I used to use Turbo tax until the year they slipped that intentional boot "virus" into the product to try and manipulate their customers software usage. Anyway, I had absolutely no trouble with the H&R Block software. It installed easily and upgraded correctly on my Windows XP desktop PC. I did wait until early April to install so, perhaps, they resolved the update issues that some people had early on. My only real complaint about the software is that I couldn't efile the state taxes for free like I could with the Federal. Other than that, the software was fine.

  • Barbara Greco - These mats really protect your car from EVERYTHING. They ...

    These mats really protect your car from EVERYTHING. They fit the car perfectly. It's used in a company car that gets taken to construction sites often. It's a must have.

  • Calamity Jane - The slots are fun and the graphics are great

    The slots are fun and the graphics are great, Mozart is my favorite slot. They don't pay out enough winners though, so you can't build up your balance and bet bigger, unless of course you want to buy some coins. Now I don't mind buying coins occasionally to keep playing a game I'm really having fun playing, but not on a constant basis. I feel the games are designed just to force you to buy coins.