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  • Sweetcheeks - It's a toss up...

    This one had it's moments. It did hold my interest most of the time but there were a few moments that were on the edge of unbelievable. My perception of who the real herione was, would be Rachel not Liz.

  • TyBREAKR - A new way to experience entertainment

    I bought this from my local Target yesterday after work because I wanted to play it as soon as I could. Otherwise I would have purchased it off of Amazon. Anyways. I do not write reviews but I felt compelled to give my opinion. Virtual Reality is the future of modern entertainment. This is not a gimmick. Yes, it is a little rough around the edges. It is a great, consumer friendly start though. There are a lot of cords but I felt that they could be tucked away fairly well. Sony nailed the comfort aspect. You will need to do a little adjusting when you put it on but you will learn what is the best fitting. The demo that comes with it really helps you figure out what you want to play. The head tracking is spot on and the motion controls and controller work good as well. Simply put, If you pick this up, you will NOT be disappointed!

  • Anthony Stewart - Works beautifully!

    I have had a lot of difficulty in finding a product of this sort that actually works, but this one really does! I had major surgery last year and have had a very difficult time with regularity since then. My doctor recommended trying something like this, and I tried several products before finding this one. I am very happy with the results I got from Ultra Cleanse.

  • KmJosh - LOVE THIS DECK!

    I was lucky enough to get this for half the price it currently goes for ,and possibly the best magic purchase I ever made.This deck was literally my intro deck into modern and now I have it upgraded so well I love it.

  • S. Augusto - Good but not great

    Funny in some places, but really just rehashing old jokes. Maybe if he focused on creating more and longer arcs for each character.