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  • hate to say this - Tool for Aspiring Graphic arts students

    Let me explain I am by far no expert on software, and I patiently trying to master adobe illustrator, but meanwhile I am in college to teach art to teens. So I bought this...it seemed an outstanding price, and now 2 fellow college students , who want to make comics, are trying it out for me. So far it seems to be a huge hit with these beginners. It can introduce story boarding, basic manipulation of the tools, how to market art and comic strips on the internet...and more.

  • jill d - 5 - You're My Tribe - Stars

    I had no idea what I was getting into when I started Punk 57, but I have faith in the author and am so glad I read this book. This is a complete stand-alone and it is easily one of the best books I have read all year. Angst, drama, love and sometimes hate all come together to make this one story you don't want to miss. 

  • Guy from Raleigh - Well short of fitness club sturdiness

    Because the product is made in China and must ship unassembled, it is inherently less sturdy than a rack with welded US steel. This is reflected in a lower consumer price, however, you should know that it feels unsteady with just 300 pounds. When I squated 350lbs and adjusted my shoulders to seat them in the relatively soft pads, the side-to-side torsion was frighteningly significant. This is due to a thinner guage of steel box tubing and the fact that connections are bolted together versus welded. I regret my purchase for this reason, alone. At least my 15 year old can maximize use of it for the time being.

  • fbraz50 - Great hardware but light on features

    UPDATE: 10.23.2016: I know I keep modifying my review but it has been based on actual experience. I will leave it at 3 stars for now as I have decided to give the Orbi another shot. I bought a new unit because the the raw performance of this setup cannot be matched. All these mesh wifi systems out there right now cannot seem to touch the Orbi. On the feature set side the Orbi is still not great but I think that will improve with time. The Orbi is in AP mode right now and my router is an Ubiquity Lite Router. I will consider turning the Orbi into Router mode once the feature sets grow. I know they are adding remote VPN to the Orbi here soon which will be nice for some users.

  • Donna Forguson - Don't bother

    I have purchased, read and enjoyed Heather Graham's books for years. However, I have cancelled my pre-orders for her upcoming books. This book was sooo disappointing. I love history but this was too little plot and way too much history. Her books have become boring. I have purchased two other books of hers that I will probably not bother reading they have become a chore rather than an enjoyment.

  • B.West - It Works!

    My 12yr old daughter was going thru a bad acne stage. We tried Acne.org regimen and are very pleased. The 3 step process is easy to follow and comes with very detailed instructions. The Treatment(step 2) dried her skin some the first 2 weeks but by the 3rd was getting better. We use a little Vitamin E to help with dark spots and moisture. She did experience some irritation/burning around the mouth but that was gone in a week's time. Her skin has cleared up over 40% in about a months time. We know it is a going to take time but I am very satisfied and so is my daughter!