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  • John J Spert - Glad to have it.

    The screen has a smooth, slick surface that makes dragging simple. There's no loss of touch sensitivity. Since it's glass, I know that I'll be able to use alcohol wipes safely. (The plastic screen I used to have got slightly "bumpy" from using a wipe.) Between the printed instructions that came in the kit, and the videos on their website, installation was easy. The included suction cup really helped and I appreciated having it.The only thing I'd consider a downside is that I couldn't just lift a corner to remove a speck of dust without the whole thing lifting up. But that's a flaw that comes from its virtues, since the rigidity of the glass makes the installation simple which meant that I had no worries about wrinkles occurring. Overall, I'm glad I bought it to replace what I had.

  • Neil J. Katz - Seems to be OK, but haven't needed to restore anything

    Agree that this is not the easiest program to run, but my backyuups do complete without incident. Have to be careful with the setting or you can wind up filling a backup disk before you know it. Make sure you set to keep only so many versions. I set my image backups to keep only one version, and usually run these once a month unless I make a major system change.

  • Justin - Wicked

    I inspect airplanes for a living and this light is the best I have ever used and i have tried many types and brands. It is better and cheaper than any light that you could buy off the snap on truck. I usually keep it on the second brightness level(5th being the max). The only downside is the batteries. They are very expensive so I recommend getting the rechargeable one piece set. Found one on amazon for 10$ with two batteries and a charger.

  • C amazon - I buy this anthology every year for my daughter for ...

    I buy this anthology every year for my daughter for Christmas. After giving the first one to her a number of years ago, she has asked for this every year. She is an avid reader and looks forward to this every year. This is a nice way to introduce new authors or those whose work is not yet known yo the reader. They have also compiled an anthology of The Best Short Stories of the Century. It arrived on time and was well protected in the shipping box.