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Pharmaceuticals - Hangzhou Neway Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China, Neway Chemicals Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, which is a comprehensive manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemical intermediates.

  • http://nwchemical.en.ecplaza.net/ep-framycetin-sulphate-cas-4146--304961-2331972.html EP Framycetin Sulphate(CAS:4146-30-9) - Hangzhou Neway Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Framycetin Sulphate CAS:4146-30-9, 1405-10-3 Standard:EP6.0 Appearance:A white or yellowish-white hydroscopic powder Package:5kg/ tin or 10kg/ drum Manufacturer come from China Brand:Neway Our best price and best service for you
  • http://nwchemical.en.ecplaza.net/dantrolene-sodium-cas-14663-23--304961-2331993.html dantrolene sodium( CAS:14663-23-1) - Hangzhou Neway Chemicals Co., Ltd. - dantrolene sodium CAS:14663-23-1 Standard:USP32 Appearance:Orange powder to the deep orange, crystalline powder Heavy metals :20ppm max Impurity A:0.15% max Impurity B:0.5% max Impurity C:0.3% max Moistuire:14.5 to 17.0% Putity:90%-96%(on dried basis)
  • http://nwchemical.en.ecplaza.net/amantylamine-hydrochloride-cas-665-66--304961-2332018.html amantylamine hydrochloride(CAS:665-66-7) - Hangzhou Neway Chemicals Co., Ltd. - amantylamine hydrochloride CAS:665-66-7 Standard:USP/ CP/ 99% Appearance:A white crystalline powder used to improve Parkinson's disease
  • http://nwchemical.en.ecplaza.net/dirithromycin-cas-62013-04-1--304961-2332025.html Dirithromycin(CAS:62013-04-1) - Hangzhou Neway Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Dirithromycin CAS:62013-04-1 Standard:USP/ BP/ EP/ GMP/ US DMF is available Competitive product
  • http://nwchemical.en.ecplaza.net/1-2-bromoethoxy-4-nitrobenzene--304961-3284717.html 1-(2-Bromoethoxy)-4-Nitrobenzene(CAS:13288-06-7) - Hangzhou Neway Chemicals Co., Ltd. - 1-(2-Bromoethoxy)-4-Nitrobenzene(Dofetilide intermediate) CAS:13288-06-7 Purity:97%min Appearance:Yellowish or yellow-brown crystalline powder Enterprise standard Sample is avaliable Manufacturer from China Brand:Neway Any questions, send email to me feel freely. Dofetilide intermediate
  • http://nwchemical.en.ecplaza.net/n-methyl-4-nitrophenethylamine-hydrochloride--304961-3284747.html N-Methyl-4-nitrophenethylamine hydrochloride(CAS:166943-39-1) - Hangzhou Neway Chemicals Co., Ltd. - N-Methyl-4-nitrophenethylamine hydrochloride(Dofetilide intermediate) CAS:166943-39-1 Purity:98.5% Appearance:White or yellowish powder Loss on drying :0.3%Max Residue on ignition:0.3%Max Package:20kg or 25kg/ drum Sample is avaliable Manufacturer from China Brand:Neway Any questions, send email ...

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  • Solom - didn't remove www1.dlinksearch.com

    I installed bitefender yesterday, right way after that got my computer infected with www1.dlinksearch.com virus and bitdenfender can't remove it.

  • MJoPow - An entertaining historical novel

    Owen--Book One of the Tutor Trilogy was an interesting introduction to the little known first Tudor. I found this an entertaining read about a character about which I knew absolutely. My next step will be to buy Book Two.

  • Amazon Customer - Predatory Business

    Bill Gates and Microsoft are monopolists (John D. Rockefeller types) whose business model is to wring as much undeserved profit out of the public as possible. These newer product offerings are moving away from the download AND get a CD business model to make you more dependent on their online services, and to entice you to pay rent on a product that is in software terms, bloated, slow (yes, if you don't know that you are ignorant of the possibilities of computer speeds) and way overpriced. Microsoft gets away with this monopolistic, anti-free market approach because we and our government let them.

  • Allison - this is a good value. I have only ever had them fail ...

    My husband won't let me put holes in the wall (roll eyes) so these work perfectly. Compared to buying in the store, unless you can find a store that takes coupons and let you use them on these, this is a good value. I have only ever had them fail once on a larger frame, so I really do like using them. I am currently using them outside under an overhang, so we will see if they hold up outdoors or not.

  • G. Gibson - The worst Office yet.

    Absolutely the worst version of Office yet. Microsoft has made Office virtually unusable with the washed out paper white color. or lack of color, and enormous ribbons that take up huge amounts of screen space. Your choice of background color is basically white or gray, and everything blends together because there is absolutely no contrast. Irritating on the eyes, and virtually unusable. I will be making a transition away from MS Office. Somebody should be fired at Microsoft for putting out such a terrible product. DO NOT BUY.