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  • Mike - Will This Be It?!

    I was jonesing to play a wrestling game when I came to realize that my brother (also previously my roommate) took the XBox360 when he left, leaving me with my trusty ol' PS2 that's definitely a few years old. I was resigned to finding an older version of the game when I came across this and was like "A 2011 wrestling game for PS2? LOL it must be watered down but I'll play it anyway..."

  • Juli Mills - It is truly amazing and balancing when used as directed on the package

    I have been drinking this tea for a month. 1 cup daily starting during my period, then on day 12 (2 cups a day) then on day 23, 2-3 cups a day. This has completely DONE AWAY WITH MY HOT FLASHES!!! No more perimenopause symptoms, no joke. A lot of our hormonal issues are due to estrogen fluctuations during the month. This tea contains low level phytoestrogens that - when your hormones are too high- bring them down, and if they are too low, it fills in the gaps so your body doesn't panic - doing away with symptoms brought on by hormonal highs and lows. Because of this tea, I stopped using the progesterone cream that I had been on for a year. As a result, I lost 10 pounds, my skin cleared, and I don't get depressed the last half of the month - even sleeping 7 hours a night, with no night sweats- this stuff works miracles. This tea gave me my life back. Thank you yogi tea for researching this blend. It is truly amazing and balancing when used as directed on the package!!! 5 plus stars!!!

  • Anonymous - Wake up America!

    This is a must see movie for everyone. It really explains what Obama and his agenda are all about. Unfortunately, it's too late to do anything about it. The American people wanted "change", and they now have it.

  • Sameer - The Best Paid Anti-Virus Software

    I was using Microsoft Security Essentials and got attacked many times by malware. I installed the free version of Avast which is more powerful than M.S.E and Avast removed all the viruses that M.S.E. couldn't find. I bought this Kaspersky (3 computers)(1 year) product from Amazon for a very cheap price. The Kaspersky is better than Avast. Kaspersky's user interface is so much better than Norton 2014. Lab tests show Kaspersky is the 2nd best anti-virus program under Bit-Defender. Kaspersky 2014 is fast when it scans your whole computer compared to others. Kaspersky 2014 doesn't slow down your computer and doesn't give you false positives.