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The Ontario Chapter of the College of Family Physicians - Home - The Ontario College of Family Physicians is the voice of family medicine representing more than 12,500 family physicians providing patient care across communities throughout Ontario.

  • http://ocfp.on.ca/cpd/asa2016 54th Annual Scientific Assembly - The eventScribe® system lets you effortlessly build your own personalized conference itinerary and share it with colleagues and attendees.
  • http://ocfp.on.ca/policy/ontario-primary-care-council Ontario Primary Care Council - The Ontario Primary Care Council is a partnership of six provincial associations that represent primary care providers in this province.
  • http://ocfp.on.ca/who-we-are/mission-vision-values OCFP Vision, Mission, Values - The Ontario College of Family Physicians supports members through education, leadership, research and advocacy.
  • http://ocfp.on.ca/who-we-are/our-president-dr-sarah-lynn-newbery Announcing OCFP 2015-16 President - Sarah-Lynn Newbery - Marathon family doctor Dr. Sarah-Lynn Newbery becomes OCFP's 2015-16 President.
  • http://ocfp.on.ca/who-we-are/2016-annual-meeting-of-members 2016 Annual Meeting of Members - Information about the Ontario College of Family Physicians' 2015 Annual Meeting of Members November 24, 2016.
  • http://ocfp.on.ca/who-we-are/careers Careers - View opportunities to join the dynamic team at the Ontario College of Family Physicians.

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  • Ivan Trejo - This item arrived on time and it was in good condition. I have been using this item and ...

    This item arrived on time and it was in good condition. I have been using this item and I don't have any problems with it. I am satisfied with this item and I am looking forward to purchasing more items in the future. Thank you.

  • Michelle C. Jones - worth it

    well worth the monthly fee if you like to watch movies or especially tv episodes you may have missed in the past.

  • CHARLES - Works as described

    I had a soccer ball sized leak from the transmission of my 92 corolla. Decided to try changing the output shaft seal and after wasting an afternoon it was still leaking about a golf ball sized drip over an 8 hour period. Dropped a bottle of AT-205 in the transmission (per Scotty Kilmer's suggestion!) and drove about 30 minutes and voila! No more leak. It has been two weeks now and still not a drop in my drive way. If you have a small leak I suggest spending $10 for a bottle of this stuff as opposed to wasting an afternoon cussing and pulling a c/v axle in hopes to fix the leak.

  • mamaknowsbest411 - Not so hot...

    Hard to steer with one hand. Had a plastic like smell even after "airing out, " did NOT like how the infant chaperone seat fit on w the adaptors. Returned both items.

  • Amazon Customer - Best oil for LOC method

    The Agadir hair product line is my absolute favorite. I must purchase the product from Amazon as it is way cheaper online than in my local Walgreens. The scent from this product smells so good Ive had people ask me what fragrance Im wearing. I wash, deep condition with steam, and set my hair - then sit under a dryer. This oil is placed on my hair after deep conditioning along with sebastian wet. I use it to set my hair. It helps dry hair faster too!

  • Ronnie - I LIked IT

    I agree with some reviews that Lacey's job was only in play for a chapter or two. Jack enters the picture as a owner of a building where Lacey's friend, (who was abducted by a serial killer) skeleton shows up. These two are thrown together. Brody, a brooding good looking ex-boyfriend now friend is thrown in the mix. An ex husband with an axe to grind, a killer that is dead resumes killing people. You have suspence, romance, drama and lots of action. What more do you need in a book. I had a few issues with all the references to real serial killers but still a good read. I felt the end wrapped up rather quickly. It could have used a bit more suspense there. Lacey at times struck me as TSTL. The killer's after her and of course she's not going to go into hiding...go figure. Still a good book.

  • Tommie - Worth it!!

    My mother found out she was diabetic when I was 14yrs old. She was always the "hot mom" up to this point so we were shocked when we found out that diabeties was causing her to "not feel right". Both of us were very athletic and always on the go so we had no idea how to change our diet to fit the lifestyle that she now faced. Unfortunately, she was not very successful with it and ended up gaining a LARGE amount of weight. Over the next 12yrs I watched my mother struggle to stay healthy, fight a yo-yo battle with weight-loss and watched her self-esteem hit the floor. Then, looking back on it now, a miracle happened in the worst way possible. She developed a stomach ulcer that just wouldn't heal because of her sever diabeties. Because of this ulcer my mother had to have 65% of her stomach removed. It was the scariest thing ever but a true blessing in disguse. She basically had a gastric bypass. SHe of course started to lose weight rapidly but even then her diabeties was still uncontrolled. Last year my mother called me, her voice full of concern, the doctors told her she had to get her diabeties under control or she would be dead in a year or two. I panicked! It has always been just me an my mother and I couldn't imagine losing her before her 58th birthday. I began researching diet after diet. They have a TON of diets geared just for diabetics. Don't get me wrong, many of them are great but nothing seemed to work for her. Then one day we sat down and talked about what her challenges really are in a day. We thought, "Maybe we are just looking at this at the wrong angle?". I found the Belly Fat Cure while just cruising through B & N one day and for some reason it caught my eye. I sat down in the aisle and started reading. By the time I got to the recipies I knew I had found the diet that would work for her. I bought the book and never said a word to mom. I wanted to try the diet before I tried explaining it to her. I needed to make sure it was even possible to keep up with. I was able to follow Jorge's 15/6 easier than anything I have ever done in my life. After a week it becomes almost second nature! After two weeks and 25lbs of pure garbage leaving my body, I made the call to mom. I explained the book to her, told her where to find it and paid for her to get it. This book saved my mother's life! after a month of this diet her sugar levels were under control, after 14 YEARS of struggling!!! My mother is back to her beautiful self, her self esteem has come back and now she is healthy again and able to chase her grand-kids! I highly recommend this diet for someone who loves to eat but doesn't know how to eat healthy. The recipies are easy, they taste amazing and if you can get your 15/6 down the rest is a breeze! there is no will power involved in this it is just knowing what foods will poison your body and which ones won't. Best of luck to you all!