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  • Elizabeth E. Knussman - Kindle book for writers

    I was pleased to have a version of this book to tote around on my Kindle. I use Strunk and White both in writing and in teaching writing, as well as Zinsser's On Writing Well. These are must haves.

  • MMcDonald - Exciting read

    I really enjoyed this book. I read sci-fi only occasionally, but the books I choose have to have human characters who I can relate to and this one fits the bill.

  • Gary - Good as pain/muscle relief.

    Hot Cream for Cellulite, Muscle, Pain Relief - I m not sure how well this is for cellulite but as a muscle/pain relief it is really good. My knee have been hurting, this is from a couple of challenging hike this last weekend. I decided to give this item a try as a pain reliever. It goes on smooth and easy, almost immediately it starts to heat up. If feels like other muscle cream but without the medicine smell. Just one use my knee was felling better. I will leave the cellulite testing for my wife. But for now it works good as a pain releif cream.

  • Lisa E - If cosmetic surgery isn't for you, try this.

    I love this stuff. I've been using it for over a year now and won't go a day without it. It does take a bit to get the hang of putting it on. I can appear chalky and cakey. So, go light on the powder foundation, if that is what you use. It seems to work best around the eyes. (I haven't tried it on the neck area, so can't comment on that.) If you use it around the mouth area, the effects won't hold up as long. Especially with talking, eating, or if you smoke.