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  • Dustin Self - and thought this would be fun to play with

    I've been playing guitar for 15 years, and thought this would be fun to play with. To my disappointment, it's pretty confusing, and I feel like I need a 200 page manual to play this game. I'll have to wait to play this until I have more time to figure out how it works. It's definitely not something you can just pick up and start playing; even if you are an experienced guitar player. Seems like there's a huge learning curve.

  • Bigtexun - Thin retail box without heatsink and fan

    This is a quality product. However those of you that are used to retail boxes that come with heatsinks and fans should be aware that this retail package does not include cooling, you will need to buy cooling appropriate for your case.

  • Amazon Customer - Worth it

    Works amazingly...I use it all the time and I swear it never runs out of charge and it really isn't that big. Don't buy a cheap portable charger buy this

  • Andr√© van der Walt - Brilliant

    The definitive guide to fasting and intermittent fasting for type 2 diabetes and for weight loss. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start a fasting program.

  • Diana - Great product size and easy to use

    My husband has a full beard and mustache so he loves trying any new beard oils I get. When I received Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil the first thing I was impressed with was the size of the bottle. It is PLENTY and will definitely last you quite awhile based on your beard length. The Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil comes with an eye dropper which is super helpful because you only need a LITTLE. Definitely don't over do it with this product because it is an oil. Too much product will leave you an oily dripping mess which I doubt is a look anyone is going for these days. Start with a drop or two and use on your fingertips, comb or brush to work through your beard. I can't say whether the conditioning aspect makes much of a difference but it works great as a beard oil to calm the fly aways and give you a sleeker more manicured look to your beard.

  • BramblePie22 - DSC: Wonderful but pricey (If buying "local")

    I have used various Dead Sea products (Milk & Honey scrub, facial peel,cleanser,and moisturizer) they all work very well. The only downside is the price if you are buying them from one of the stands in your local mall. Amazon has the best price on them by far. The price I paid total was 152 dollars and change. That is very steep price $49 per item plus tax. The only saving grace I can see is the fact these products will last a few months even with regular use. In closing to my ramble, DSC is a well made product,just be sure to shop around for the best possible price.

  • Aravind Reddy - Fantastic product at a great price!

    I just got the new Chromebook from a nearby Bestbuy store and my first impressions are that this is an amazing value for 250 dollars. The build quality is well constructed, although it does not have the premium feeling a laptop like the Macbook Air. However, there is no flex to the machine and the keyboard/trackpad are top notch. The display does not have wide viewing angles, although this shouldn't be too much of a problem unless if it is just you using the laptop. The battery life so far has been impressive since with about four hours of use, it has gone done about 56 %. i will update this review after a couple more weeks of using it as my primary laptop. One concern I do have is the charger is not as durable as I would like and I am not sure how it will fair in long term use, but I will update this review if I experience any problems with it. As far as Chrome OS, I have used both the Mac operating system as well as Windows and I am quite pleased with the experiences I have had on my chromebook so far. Google docs, which comes preloaded on the Chromebook, is a fantastic substitute for Microsoft Word and it works well even if the computer is offline. Adobe flash is already installed on the computer and the performance is quite good for video watching and flash websites such as Amazon Instant Video. I would suggest downloading the application Adblock from the Chrome Web store because it will stop any flash ads from popping up, which I have generally found to decrease the performance of loading a website. Unless you are heavy gamer or do a lot of video/photo editing, I would highly recommend this product.