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  • Paul - Easily my least favorite episode yet

    Easily my least favorite episode yet. Not creative, brutal and gory just for the sake of shock factor. I'm done. The last season was boring and this is off to a terrible start. I've been a fan since episode one, I have posters in my house and I will not watch another episode even if it was free.

  • NCReviewer - A wonderful movie about The End

    A wonderful movie about The End, but with a ray of hope. In the league of Deep Impact, San Andreas, Battleship. Great action, very professionally produced, well acted. You can watch this over and over again, and still see new things.

  • Valentina Ulyanova - And good riddance. So for 5 months before I started ...

    This diet is now one of those things I can't keep to myself; I've been on this diet for a little over two months now, and the results are incredible.

  • Linda Jean Jones - it does amplify

    not what I really expected, too much background noise. It did amplify the sounds but with the background noise it was just as difficult to hear.

  • KRISTIN B - Never Changing

    I had a laminate floor installed several months ago. The floor marks easily and even gets little scratches on it from the dogs nails. I had my floor guy come out thinking I would replace a badly marked piece with one left over, and he said "before we go to all that trouble, lets try this" and wet a rag with Bona and wiped it. Presto, the marks were gone. When I clean the floor with this product it looks brand new - clean and shiny. I can't imaging what is going on with folks that say it leaves a film, certainly not on my floor! (though, if my mop get dirty and and don't rinse or change soon enough, there will be little lines of dirt/film that the product has obviously raised and gathered on the mop - so maybe their floor was really dirty?) I actually look forward to floor cleaning now because it looks so nice when I'm done (can't believe I said that). I highly recommend it - I buy it by the gallon. Hope it works for you too.

  • Endevour32 - Very very nice

    It's a very nice tracker, it works as expected, my girlfriend looses her keys and her phone all the time and I mean ALLLLLLL THE TIME!, lol, any way this is exactly what she needs, if she has the keys with the tracker attached she can find her phone, if she has her phone with the app downloaded she can find her keys, luckily she only looses one item at a time, as long as you have one of the items you can fed the other, the phone with the app or tracker attached to what ever your worried about loosing, I'm very happy and she is super excited, and she used it twice on the first day, lol, SHE LOOSES STUFF ALL THE TIME, LOL.

  • FooBoo - Liked it at first (my kitty didn't

    Liked it at first (my kitty didn't, though, I think he doesn't like things squirted in his mouth, but that was the only way to ensure he got the proper dosage). Seemed to work in the beginning, then hit a plateau, and now I have to give him a prescription med (pill) that seems to be helping, but would have preferred to stick with this method. Oh well, never hurts to try.