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  • Kyla Olivia Somerville - Miraculous... NO EXAGGERATION

    I was skeptic at first. I started a sleeve before buying the product and was in so much pain that the tattoo artist told me that she might not be able to finish the piece. The next session, I followed the instructions to the letter and it was nothing short of miraculous. Now after 30 mins after wrapping it in plastic wrap it did start to sting a bit but it was not unbearable. I swear to you that I did not feel any pain whatsoever after being tattooed for two and a half hours straight without any breaks. When she got to my elbow, I literally starting chuckling because it felt funny. I will recommend to everyone I know. I am not joking or exaggerating when I tell you that my arm was completely numb for four hours. It has not affected my healing time nor did my artist see too much of a difference while tattooing. Now it may not work for everyone but if you are desperate like I was, you have to give it a try.

  • Josh Rodriguez - It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the ...

    This is a hitters ball for sure. It sets very well the indentions on it are awesome. It is a little bit harder than the average rec ball but once you get use to it there is no other ball like this out there.

  • Fulton Lewis - FL in Florida

    My wife and I were pretty much undecided about this year's election. Friends took us to see this movie. The theater was packed. Everyone was silent -- you could hear a pin drop throughout the entire file -- until the end and it got a standing ovations. That was something I had never seen at a movie.

  • jessand - Loyal Quicken User since it's inception...but...

    I've been working software for years in my profession and OMGosh, I started reading these reviews and COMPLETELY AGREE that we are the beta testers!!! I mean not even in the DoD do we do that to our customers (and heck, they don't pay!!), so WHY are we having to deal with these issues??!!