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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.6449 Kansas, United States

  • preacherskid1971 - Disappointed

    I bought about 6 bars of this soap hoping it would help my skin with recurring boils like ZNP used to since they no longer make ZNP. Don't waste your time with this soap if that's what you need it for...worthless for me. I'll give it 2 stars only because you can use it as regular soap.

  • Shnata - Not recommended to anyone

    The price was really low so i bought it from this seller. Later on, I received e-mail saying that product is not available because it was not original copy. It was generic copy and reproduced w/out Microsoft agreement that I understood. In my option, you should be very very careful to buy from this seller,

  • john - So easy even I cant mess up!

    You can NOT find a more simple battery charger if you tried. These are the steps. 1) Attach charging clips to battery minder(quick connect), 2) Attach red clip to positive side, black clip to negative side 3) Plug in battery tender. 4) Leave it alone and go drink a beverage and make some dinner. 5) check in morning to make sure it is charged 6) unplug battery tender 7)disconnect clips 8) put battery minder away. No kidding that simple..It will even de-sulfate your battery. Used it on my bike and both cars in one weekend. Good lord why have I not bought one of these sooner!

  • GravityJones - Long have I sought this cable

    Once in ten thousand years, they say, an eclipse blots out the rising sun in the house of Ophiuchus. On that dark dawn, light a candle made from the tallow of a pure black ram, take the AudioQuest K2 terminated speaker cable in your left hand, connect your bookshelf speakers to your hi-fi, and listen--the voices of the dead, some say, will whisper their dreadful secrets in stereo. Or, some say, you will hear God Himself speak the unspeakable Word at around the 80Hz range. One legend holds that the speakers shall ring forth with nothing but the terrible, terrible silence of an empty Cosmos. Who among us can know? And just look at those savings!

  • TeamJJ - Great Wrap Up.....Or Is It?

    More space opera and alien killing. Our heroes are the few survivors of the mining colony detour from the last book and the officer in charge wants the three almost rookies to join her when the homeworld of the scum is invaded. Well, dummies that they are, they do just that and what follows has some unusual and interesting twists and turns ultimately leading to ....... You gotta read it! And, there was a teaser for book 4 involving yet another set of odd ball aliens that will need killing. Stay tuned!