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  • Eddie - Received 3 replacements, none worked

    Don't make the same mistake I made. I allowed AuraGlow to replace my defective light twice. Now it's beyond the return policy and I'm out $50.

  • Halim Amazon - Outstanding!

    We use it for our twins and cannot be more satisfied. It may take more time to get all of the mucos and boogers when they are dried out, but just keeping at it for a few minutes on and off so the baby doesn't get too irritated eventually gets them out. You may have to manuever the nozzle slightly up/down/back/forth to speed up the process.

  • hlarkin - Doesn't work miracles, but a GREAT way to apply make-up!

    I purchased the cheapest Luminess Air Brush system they offer. What I can say is this: #1: It DOES NOT "take 10 years off you" as their info-mercial & ads say it does. #2: It DOES NOT give you a "flawless" completion again, as their info-mercial & ads say it does. What it does do is this: #1: It gives you completely even make-up coverage - after you get the hang of using it. #2: The make-up itself has REAL staying power - it lasts until you take it off. #3: It's a much quicker & cleaner way to apply make-up. If you spray several, light coats of make-up, and let it dry in between coats, you get a good, even, matte coverage. I really like it. It works well for me & I use it every day. I use the blush & the eye shadow too - but you need to apply those FIRST before you apply the make-up. If you apply them AFTER you apply the make-up - they are too harsh & looked caked on. The air-brush make up acts as a foundation & a powder when you use it last. I ordered an "eye shadow duo" and they sent me the wrong colors. I called Customer Service and the woman was very nice & helpful. They sent me out the two correct color eye shadows free of charge - and I got to keep the two wrong colors. If you are going to buy this product - buy the cheapest one they offer. There is no need to spend the extra money on the fancier ones - they do the same thing as the cheapest one. All in all, I really like it. If you take the time to get used to using it, and you follow my tips, you will be happy with your purchase.

  • PuChi - so I did my own research & I came across this wonderful website www

    I was diagnosied with #PCOS in 2011, I had to stay on birth control to have a cycle then eventually I got tired of being on it because it would make my heart flutter, so I did my own research & I came across this wonderful website www.pcosdietsupport.com and Tarryn the owner shared pregnitude stating it helps regulate cycles and helps with enfertility. I ordered it immediatly, my first month taking it my cycle was normal by my fourth month I was pregnant ;) #PraiseGod. I would recommend #Pregnitude to all women who have pcos,irregular cycles,infertilty etc. I see reviews of people saying it didn't work for them just make sure you are taking it twice a day as it states. Thanks to pregnitude my beautiful blessing is 8 months born 10/2/14 with just 4 months of taking it.

  • Beverly - Great Book, exciting action, good character development

    I absolutely loved this book. I stayed up till three am to read it. Each book in the trilogy gets better. This one was more fast paced but the reader still knew the emotions of the characters. I loved this book because it has action and emotion at the same time. The characters are not static. They grow throughout the book. I also enjoyed the surprise ending.

  • Lightning City Book Reviews - hot, romantic and just smirk inducing funny

    Callie Hutton spins her Regency Rom/Com magic on this clever, witty, and steamy romantic romp! "Seducing the Marquess" has so many facets sweet and saucy, funny and smart, tender and passionate. The premise, for me at least, is quite clever for a Historical - a Regency period woman finds a "How to Spice Up Your Marriage" book and uses it to keep her husband from acquiring a new mistress. It's like going back in time and dropping book version of Cosmo off into 1800s London. Our Heroine is Lady Eugenia, known in her debutante dates as "The Ice Queen". A moniker she abhors. On the outside she is unshakeable, never a hair out of place, the perfect smile, and gown on display, and her household running like glass. Inside she's loved her husband since their courtship and wants to them to have a full marriage. Eugenia thought that the Marquess cared for her more personally during their courtship because he would often surprise her with special little presents - more than the stiff and requisite outings of an advantageous match. They've been married 5 months and Devon's kept his mistress though that is what is expected by the ton. Eugenia wants … more. Beneath the rigorous training that her mother instilled in her to be the proper and perfect wife for a Marquess she is a woman who wants the knowledge that will keep her husband satisfied and home every night. At the onset she's at a loss as to what to do and when she finds a "handbook" she grows beyond merely the seduction aspect and becomes a - free thinker! The Hero is Richard, the Marquess of Devon, known as Devon - is the archetypal member of the ton. In fact, he and his Lady are quite popular - their very presence at a musicale, ball, or rout is a coup for the host. He learned what the role as a husband entails from his father and truth be told he's not comfortable with it and is merely going through the motions and putting up a convincing façade. Devon isn't an Alpha Hero, but in this book he goes through a myriad of personalities: the proper British husband, the smitten husband, the guilty lusting over his delicate sensibilities wife, the possessive husband, and the vengeful and jealous husband. Both of these characters have their fabulous comedic moments and the action is solidly focused on the two of them. The last 10 pages or so are hot, romantic and just smirk inducing funny. The last 4 lines - fantastic!

  • Kindle Customer - The baby shower gift we get for everyone!

    This is a super-convenient product to have for anyone with a child from 6 months (sitting up) to about 2 years (booster seat) that still wants to have a life eating out, etc. Simply attach it to the edge of the table, tighten the rubberized clamps, and strap the baby in. It's secure, they can reach food on the table, and they are a whole lot more comfortable and cleaner than a high chair would be.