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  • Kage - Great TV

    The largest negative review I saw related to this TV (outside of DoA, which happens with all electronics) was that people did not like the remote. I found the remote just fine to be honest. It much different than remotes of the past with hundreds of buttons. This one takes a simplistic approach, similar to what you might find for Apple TV. Just fine by my standards.

  • sara b - hip pain gone!

    Sleeping better, hip pain gone. Gives comfort for stomach discomfort. Slipped it under the bed sheet so that I don’t get entangled with the wires. Cats love sleeping on it too – we sometimes fight who will get to stretch out on that spot first.

  • Joshua Alexander - High Quality and Long Lasting Shaving Cream

    This is a great product which I started using a few years ago along with a shaving brush and I haven't used anything else since. I like the lavender fragrance which is pleasant but not strong. The product is also a good value, regularly lasting 6 months with daily shaving. The soapy foam created with this shaving cream is very gentle and when paired with a multi-blade razor I get a very close shave with little irritation. I have also used all the fragrances, with this being my preferred.

  • APSc - Helps with weight gain, but not worth the side effects

    Our daughter is petite, always has been. She's not unhealthy, but it's hard for her to put on weight. She's highly active and actually eats really well for a 2 1/2 year old. She just has trouble putting on weight. So every now and then I'll buy a 6 pack of Pediasure to help her along.

  • elizabeth osorio - I got a 2 month supply & I didn't see ...

    These vitamins aren't any good, they are big, they won't dissolve. They also gave me stomach pains, at 1st i didn't think it was the vitamins, so I continued to take them, but the pain continued. I stopped using them, then the pain stopped, I would not recommend these vitamins. Don't waste your money or time.