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  • Reed Rankin - Awesome

    It is awesome and good to watch when you are bored and want to be entertained. Also this has the best Raws in 2011.

  • T Warren - Did not work as well as expected

    While my feet did end up softer after I used this product but it took quite a bit of elbow grease on my part. I read several reviews before hand and did a presoak followed by the foot pack followed by another soak for the next couple of days. By the fourth day I had not noticed any peeling but I took a foot file to my foot and after quite a bit of scrubbing they did come out much smoother then had I not used the product. So for that I give it three stars. Not sure I would pay The cost of the product to do it again anytime soon since my feet were apparently not that bad off to begin with. My guess is that this product works much better for people with extremely dry and cracked feet.

  • Alan - giani countertop

    Giani Fauxc Granite is great. I wanted white as a base so I separately purchased the base coat in antique white.

  • SWoftheRockies - Goodbye free time!

    5 weeks in and it's still very addictive. I had a warning about the cable not being optimized, but upgrading from Windows 8 to 10 solved that...not that I ever noticed the issue. I'm 50 and non-musical. I wanted something new challenge myself. This works great. There have been a few times when a practice lasted 5 minutes and I just wasn't getting it. It happens. Other times I've played for hours and my fingers burned. Rocksmith helps a lot. Plenty to do to improve on skills and lots of variety to prevent boredom. Would prefer if the tone selection missions (picking amps, filters, etc.) was cut down. Maybe presented differently as I don't see this as the best way to get exposure to all the options, or the many settings for each option, (and there are a lot). Still, very worthy of 5 stars.

  • CissyBlue - Watch out Chaz Dean, this stuff works, but doesn't smell nearly as nice as yours!

    Great stuff at a great price. Made my hair so very soft and lovely, and didn't dry it out, and didn't weigh it down with heavy oils either. Just wish the pump device worked so I could get the shampoo out. The bottle is very hard plastic and doesn't easily squeeze. Still, I might buy this again.

  • Jake fake - Worked Great! It freed my '99 ninja 250 Carburetor jets which were stuck open and created flooding overnight. Details included

    I recently bought a Ninja 250 in great condition. Very low miles (<10,000 and 17 years old!), never crashed, set down once.