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  • Bruce M. Rosen - Excellent ADVANCED user Access Guide and Reference book

    Very well documented. walks the user through which Ribbon and buttons are needed to complete each example. Leaves out Macros saying there is enough information found in the Access Help text and else where. It does cover VBA.

  • Kasia W - Works fine, but...

    Not being a baking expert, this pan works like it seems it should concerning how the baked goods turn out. However, it makes this AWFUL CLANK at some critical point when heating AND when cooling -- I think due to the bending/warping of the pan from the temperature change. It scared the @#$% out of me the first time I used it because I thought something terrible must have just happened in my oven. Good thing though, is that the noise is fairly brief, and seems to happen only once each time in the heating and cooling process.

  • PJDour - NRS Pilot Knofe

    Recently bought the NRS pilot knife for a week long kayak camping trip. I like the secure attachment to my PFD, but the nicest feature was the quick and sure release. It's somewhat "spring loaded" using the clips that secure it to the sheath. The blunt/flat point ensures no accidental punctures, and the formed semi-circle cutter makes fast cutting of ropes a snap. The quick release mechanism also locks the knife back in with a snap - if it does not snap, it's not in. Again, something almost foolproof, which is nice if you are reacting to an issue on the water. Great overall blade. I also ordered the Gerber Rivermate at the same time, as I have beena Gerber fan fr 40+ years, but the NRS Pilot wins my vote as the knife to carry on the water.

  • bigbubba13 - 5 Stars

    I only received the front. I hope the rears are coming! Received the rear ones a week later They are good products

  • Arthur - Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would

    Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would, with no apparent damage. The notebook fired right up and, after getting rid of all the adware and unwanted programs, works as it should. Be aware that the memory cannot be upgraded as it is soldered into the motherboard. I should have researched this more thoroughly. Other than that I am satisfied with my new pc.