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  • Amazon Customer - Great product!

    My sister gave me the MYDT Smart tracker/ Remote for my 21 st birthday - it was a well-known fact that I pretty much lose everything. I used to spend about half of my life searching in my bag for my keys or phone, only to discover I had left them on the train, or in a café. Many times I have lost purses and never got them back, so stressful. My MYDT tracking device makes it impossible to do that now. The alarms really do work. As a bonus there are so many extra amazing things to use this for;my favourites are music and pics.

  • L. MATSUMOTO - Great vendor! Dispenser could use some improvement.

    Product was shipped quickly! This vendor is great and deserves 5 stars! Re: the product...I love this product. I only wish the dispenser/pump could be improved. It will work in the beginning, and then as you get towards the end of the bottle, it'll clog so that you have to open up the cap and use something to scoop out the product. Also, wish the product wouldn't dry up towards the bottom of the bottle. I usually add a few drops of water to kind of "loosen it up," but wish the consistency would remain like when you first get it.

  • John D. Scott - 2008 Toyota Highlander Roof Rack Crossbars - Excellent

    This product arrived on time and exceeded my expectations for quality. It was easy to install, looks great, and appears to be of high quality. I would recommend these roof rack crossbars to anyone needing them. They as close to OEM looks as you can get.

  • Canasanafranasan - ok once installed

    With so many companies involved, it took awhile just to get it installed on the phone. I found it easier to install on a pc first, then the phones once you are in and managing the accounts. Once installed, I feel a little better knowing we have protection on our phones. Much better than the freebie apps that are out there. Will buy again next year when subscription runs out.

  • avedai - Ok but don't count on it for full service

    Magic Jack call quality seems fine and the ability to take the number with you is convenient. But there are limits to Magic Jack's services and they don't bother to tell you about this on their site. The worst problem is that, unlike every other phone service provider I've ever used, the call waiting feature only gives a beep sound -- it does not show the incoming number or any caller ID information. So it's not very useful. If I don't know who's calling then I don't know whether to interrupt an important call to take the second one. That's pretty critical for me. I have "chatted" with customer service (which is not outstanding) several times about this and they have no explanation as to why their call waiting is limited. In addition, voice mail messages are time-stamped in Eastern Time so if you're in another time zone you have to convert. Not a big deal but inconvenient and creates the potential for errors. Also, unlike the original Magic Jack that plugs into a computer, there is no record available of your calls. So if these features are important to you, keep looking. I will likely change service providers because of the call waiting limitations. If you're just looking for basic phone service then Magic Jack is OK and the price is right.