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  • cierra - Perfect for new mothers!!

    I got this Back Seat Baby Mirror for a friend of mine that is going to have a baby shower this weekend. I can’t really decide what to get her cause there is to many things that a new mother needs. But anyways, I’m grateful that I’ve found this through my browsing because I never thought of it and this baby mirror is really helpful. I know how it feels not being able to see what’s going on at the back when your baby is facing the other way. Always worried that something wrong. Anyways, I know it’s not a good idea to be always looking at the back, but this mirror is wide so you can look at the reflection of the mirror in your front mirror. LOL I hope I explained it correctly. I really want to mention it because it was my first thought of this product. Another thought was mirror shattering; the description says the mirror is made of shatter-proof glass. “SHATTER-PROOF GLASS - When we design our products, the one thing we have in mind as our top priority is YOUR precious baby and its safety. That is why we have designed this mirror with a shatter proof acrylic glass surface so it can withstand any impact anytime. Have a piece of mind knowing your precious cargo is safe at all times.” I receive this mirror at a discounted price or free and I’m really happy with it.

  • VikZ - Worth every penny

    This is an incredible little buggy. I'm so impressed with everything about it. It moves like a dream with effortless manoeuvrability and smooth ride. The ability to easily steer it with one hand comes in handy when you're out shopping and needing to carry stuff to the counter. To move it with one hand took no effort, it just glides in the direction you want it to you. Its also pretty amazing how nimble it is, scooting around tight spots with ease. The one-hand fold makes it quick to put away and the fact that it stands by itself when folded is good to keep the buggy fabric from getting dirty. Its a great buggy for people who want to downsize from a full size buggy, but still want good manoeuvrability and something that still feels solid (not like the umbrella styles that people usually downsize to). Its light to carry (around 8kgs) so its really no effort to chuck it in the car. We're looking forward to having a buggy that doesn't take up too much space in the boot during family holidays. I love how it has the mountain buggy design - just a smaller version. We've used it around the shops and at the park. Its a good zip around buggy that can handle a bit of bumpy terrain if it needs to.

  • Amazon Customer - Not sure why people are having issues

    I'm not sure what all the bad reviews are for. This product works great! I bought two and set them up with Alexa in under 10 mins. As long as you have a good WiFi connection and decent internet speed you will be fine. If you have a crappy router don't expect this to work well. The instructions are really not that hard to follow. If you want to waste money on a wemo device and spend the extra money on a hub be my guest, but I have had no problems with this device since I bought it.

  • Leslie C. Hand - Dont think twice

    This stuff is like magic around our house. I have 2 messy kids that seem to be able to eat anywhere but at the kitchen table. I live in fear they will ruin everything. Add to that two old dogs and two old cats, who pee, poop and throw everywhere and this 3M cleaner is a necessity in our house....

  • Bruce Simpson - Street Disaster USA

    When I first got this software installed the first thing I did was look up my street address, they have it wrong my street is directly off ta main road they show a road off the main road and my street coming off that, the second thing I did was look for Biddeford ,ME as I had planned on going there, when I put the information in it came up can't find Biddeford, Me so I went on Map Quest it had no problem finding Biddeford, ME. I feel this software is very unreliable, how can you trust something when it gets the first two requests wrong.

  • R. Whitworth - Excellent

    As a professional medical biller, I can't be without the most up to date information. This is my goto resource.

  • Jinju Nahidi - I like this version because it's a blend of american and ...

    This stuff works. It gives me that extra boost without the crash. I like this version because it's a blend of american and red ginseng.