Partner for Change - Reducing Drug Use Among Youth – Reducing Drug Use Among Youth - A local coalition of youth, parents, schools and community groups working together to reduce drug use among youth in northwest Hennepin County, MN

  • About Us – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change is a local coalition of youth, parents, schools, law enforcement, and community groups that are working together to reduce drug use among youth and young adults in northwest Hennepin County.
  • Coalition Meeting Dates – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change coalition members gather monthly to share news, strategize upcoming work, and celebrate successes.
  • Projects – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change works on a number of ongoing projects. Our staff assist in the work, but coalition and community members are crucial for success.
  • Alcohol Enforcement Efforts – Partnership for Change - PFC is working with local police departments to collect data on the place of last drink for DUI, assaults, and other offenses.
  • Faith Involved in Prevention – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change welcomes faith communities and members of faith communities to join us in working to reduce youth drug and alcohol use.
  • School Pre-Assessment Teams – Partnership for Change - Partnership for Change is working with school partners to review current pre-assessment team policies, gather learnings from Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (ASBI) and Student Assistance Teams research, and identify resources needed and possibly improvements to our pre-assessment teams.
  • Social Host Ordinances – Partnership for Change - A social host ordinance makes it illegal to provide a location where underage drinking takes place.
  • Resources – Partnership for Change - For up-to-date information about substance use rates and consequences in Hennepin County and Minnesota, visit, a fabulous resource from the Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
  • Alcohol – Partnership for Change - Alcohol is the most commonly used drug nationally and in northwest Hennepin County.
  • Marijuana – Partnership for Change - Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug among teens. In Minnesota more youth are receiving treatment for addiction to marijuana than all other illicit drugs combined.
  • Other Drugs – Partnership for Change - The most commonly used drugs among teens are alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and prescription drugs. However, there are "other drugs" that a person may choose to use.
  • Rx Drugs – Partnership for Change - In recent years, medicine abuse (including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications) has increased nationally and in northwest Hennepin County.
  • Tobacco – Partnership for Change - While Minnesota and the nation have many successes – tobacco use rates are in decline, we have the freedom to breathe smoke free air in restaurants – we still have many challenges ahead.
  • Parents – Partnership for Change - Despite what teens may want us to think, we know that parents are the #1 reason why teens report not using.
  • Need Help Now – Partnership for Change - Local Resources for Getting Help, Assessments, Counseling, and Treatment Service Providers
  • Teens – Partnership for Change - If you are a teen and want to know how to help a friend or how to get involved in activities in your community, follow these links.
  • Action for Reaction – Partnership for Change - Our mission is to encourage drug and alcohol prevention, to advocate mental wellness, and to promote acceptance.
  • How To Help A Friend – Partnership for Change - To help someone you know who you think may have a substance use problem, you first need to get them screened.

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    Finally got to fire it up this weekend. Add oil, gas, and connect everything and it starts on the first pull! Powerful engine worked well for over 3 hours of washing. Couple of gripes: Holster for spray gun does not hold tightly. Gun can fall out when moving unit around. High pressure hose connection to pump is on the engine exhaust side. So if the hose is pulled from the front, it can contact the exhaust muffler and that's bad. System does vibrate a bit, may be due to 3-point stance (2 wheels and a pad) instead of something more stable. But, it is a quality engine and pump and that's what counts. Fit and finish was also very good.

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    My initial review gave Family Tree Maker 2012 4 stars. But, after using it for 6 weeks, I have to say that the software is too fragile to recommend. The feature set is fine, and if it was actually reliable, I would have no problem. But, the synch between FTM and fails frequently. Sometimes, it simply requires re-trying the synch. Sometimes, you can repair it by deleting the most recent entries that you have changed. But, every few days, I find that I have to completely re-download the entire tree. (They tell you to re-upload from your computer to You can also re-download from to your computer. Since I do most of my work in the on-line tree, I prefer to re-download.) It is a matter of 30 - 60 minutes to download a 30,000 person tree, so it is very annoying.

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    Ok here we go. First off this is my first delve into the xcom series but i have played through it to completion so its time to review. Let me also say that i bought this as a digital download on xbox one but i prefer to do my reviews here. I am no scrub when it comes to strategy games (long time rts player) and have been gunning people down on xbox since the beginning. At first xcom pissed me off, the difficulty level is very high even on lower settings at least in the first half of the game. If you make it past the halfway mark you will likely have an easier time towards the end but until then be ready to do a few restarts. The turn based game play, though not anything new, was a refreshing break from the normal day of fps and rts. The player models (when static) look pretty good and i liked that the characters appearances were randomly generated. Also the world map starting location and seemingly the non essential mission maps were also randomized making no play through the same. The story as a whole is kinda bland and there isn't any prologue to catch up players that didn't play the prior games leaving me feeling lost and without a purpose other than "try not to die". So if all was well at this point i would have given this game 4 stars, but then we get to the bugs. This game is beyond riddled with bugs both on the visuals side and on the game play side. The cut scenes featuring the random generated characters has a frame rate of half or less than the story cut scenes making everything feel very choppy and sometimes i would see incomplete loading of finishing textures making it look terrible. Some of the story cut scenes would have out of sinc sound to what was happening on screen, very annoying. I can get past a hand full of visual bugs but these were literally every few seconds making it kinda unforgivable. There are a few game play bugs like telling a character to move to cover and they get to within one block and just stop out in the open for the turn often getting himself shot. The enemies will sometime get stuck and fall through the map or just disappear, killing them. Objectives not being able to be shot even though you are standing on the objective just because the game thinks you haven't "sighted" it. There are a quite a few more to the point were i could write a book about it. The short of it is that this game had a TON of potential but needed another year or two of bug testing before release. I had the game crash while trying to load a mission 3 times during the campaign, luckily the auto save system works but its still a pain as the loading screens are VERY long. The final nail in the coffin was the final cut scene and up until this point i was at 3 stars for the game... i played the final mission, which is quite long, to arrive at the ending cut scene. The ending cut scene for games is very important, its the culmination of all your efforts being payed off with a completed story and some nice visuals...... Then the ending cut scene played with no sound, ZERO. Dead silence. i was so mad that i threw down my controller and went outside to smoke. I was furious. I still have no idea what the ending was about and i wont bother looking it up. This is the first time that i have seriously contemplated trying to get my money back on a game, games are art and therefore are not guaranteed to please you but they SHOULD AT LEAST BE COMPLETE!!! I payed $60 for 80% of a game when you take all the bugs and issues into account. The person that decided to push this game out the doors in this state has ruined it. Another year or two and you could have been golden! Now this just feels like a money grab.

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