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  • Amazon Customer - I feel great, only 3 day

    I just have to tell you that I am taking Supple for 3 days and I have tears in my eyes because I concider this a miracle! I honest to God , please believe me! Give this a chance and you will not regret it. I was skeptical but my mother insist, thank God for her. I was in pain 24/7 not able to walk with out pain . My both knee are in really bad condition, I have no cartridge ,the doctor told me that I need a knee replacement. I cry every day because of the pain and the frustration. But today I feel that I am starting to be a new person, I can walk , I don't have the stiffness, I don't have the heavy knee after 5 minutes standing.... I feel great, only 3 day! I can not imagine how I am going to be after I finish my first order. Thank you Jesus for the people that made this product.

  • Are you KIDDING?? - never received it.

    never received it. i ordered it. and waited. for like 2 months. i was without wireless connection..waiting for this.

  • David L. - Classic sunglasses at a great price!

    These replace the Ray-Ban Aviators I bought in 1990, but were damaged beyond repair when I accidentally stepped on them a couple of years ago. At that tine, I was unwilling to pay the price to replace them, so I bought counterfeit Ray-Bans instead. The counterfeit glasses looked pretty good until I dropped them, and the glass shattered. I'm glad that didn't happen when I was wearing them! Genuine Ray-Ban glass is shatterproof.

  • Michael S. Labrow - Makes your mousing experience better, especially if you think you don't need a mouse pad!

    I finally got a fancy MMO mouse right as I got kids and don't have time to game any more. So boo to that. Still all those buttons are useful when you map macros to them, so I've still ended up using it for work stuff. Unfortunately my wood table was tearing up the teflon feet of the mouse, so I got this as a solution, and I couldn't be happier. I have horrible memories of mouse pads from the nineties. This is thin, seems reasonably light, is flexible, hasn't fallen apart in five months of use, doesn't really show off all the dead skin from my wrist, is humongous without feeling humongous, and the mouse just glides across it. If you are like me and gave up on mouse pads once they moved from balls to lasers, I'd suggest taking a look at this, it really does make a difference

  • Kevin - Very Impressed

    I had the g700 for the past 4-5 years and the right mouse button finally stopped working. I was debating about what mouse to replace it with, and decided that I could NOT go back to a wired mouse. I narrowed down my choices to the Razer Mamba, SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse, and the g900. My biggest hold up with the g900 was, of course, the big price tag. I mean, this sucker costs more than my headset! (Logitech g930). As you can tell, I'm a big logitech fan. They make good products that last me at least 5 years and have great customer support. But I wanted to explore my options, so I looked into the Mamba and Sensei mice. I nixed the mamba mouse because of software issues. If I'm going to pay that much for a mouse, shouldn't it work out of the box? Too many complaints of software issues and end user trouble shooting/tweaking drove me away from this mouse despite it feeling the best in my hand. As for the sensei, I liked the build, but I felt like the dock took up too much space. I like having a minimalistic desk space, and while I know I could have just not used the dock, but I didn't want to not use a part of the product that I was paying for.

  • Lyonors - Spectacular slim tech backpack

    I am a woman of small frame, 5'5", and for the FIRST time ever, I found a backpack that doesn't make me feel too heavy. The slim nature of it is great for public transit. It fits my MacBook, my large over the ear headphones, and my PSVita (in a case) with ease.

  • launa quinones - nice glasses.

    nice glasses., makes me feel like a nice man with a brilliant mind. buddy holly looking man because of this!