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  • pablocasal - Comfy

    The best helmets are the ones you have on your head at the moment of your fall. This one makes wearing one as comfortable as possible. I do not foresee anyone banging this helmet about on their handlebars as they ride.

  • CGee - They are easy to remove and do not leave residue on my ...

    Sort of works for me. A few years ago, I tried these strips (same company), but was turned off that the strips were so hard to remove. The older strips also left reside on my nose. These new strips do not have any of these issues. They are easy to remove and do not leave residue on my nose!

  • Pen Name - Seems like good quality

    Seems like good quality, nice stainless steel finish. The 2 lights are not very bright and are yellow tone. The light color did not look nice with the under cabinet LED lights turned on, which are pure white in color and are very bright. Very powerful fan when on high setting. There is 4 fan speed settings, under normal use # 2 speed seems to be efficient, Maybe #3 speed if really needed. At the highest setting of #4 is really strong and loud, there is even a noticeable turbulence / echoing effect when on the highest setting. The highest setting is probably too powerful for my size kitchen and duct size.

  • JoAnn - Heavenly!

    The best coffee I have ever experienced! Wish it was offered year round! Nice rich taste without any bitterness. Heavenly.