Permed to Natural - I decided to try something new because I became tired of the same ole meals. So I stopped being a little lazy and put together a vegan soup dish that is easy,

  • All About Me | Permed to Natural - I am a wife, author, television host and inspirational speaker. After spending more than 20 years as a public relations executive in New York City, Los Angeles
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  • My Hair Care Regimen | Permed to Natural - Since I started to transition from permed to natural, and am currently wearing a weave to protect my hair from drastically shedding, my hair care regimen had to change. Actually, this method is much easier for me to manage. This is what I do.
  • Tell Your Hair Story | Permed to Natural - Permed to Natural is always looking for transitioning or natural heads to highlight. If you are interested in being spotlighted, please answer the questions
  • The Trials and Tribulations Regarding My Hair | Permed to Natural - As a child I had a head of beautiful hair. It was about shoulder length, semi thick and all my mother had to do was wash it, let it air dry, add some grease and it looked as if I had gone to the salon.
  • Hair Improvement | Permed to Natural - I have often shared my struggles with dry hair since I moved to New Mexico more than five years ago. Even though I keep my curls in braids most of the time my
  • Low Porosity | Permed to Natural - I didn’t understand why my hair was so dry. No products seemed to work. My curls broke off and just stopped growing. I couldn’t figure it out. When I
  • Shea Moisture – Low Porosity Protein-Free Line | Permed to Natural - Now that I know my hair is low porosity I recently started to use Shea Moisture’s Low Porosity Protein-Free products. This line includes a shampoo,
  • Homemade Shea Butter Castor Oil Cream | Permed to Natural - After four years living in New Mexico I am still battling dry hair issues. Naturals already deal with dry hair so couple that with brittle weather and there you
  • My Favorite Fall Activity | Permed to Natural - Fall just rolled in yesterday and I am already excited about the season's activities. I don't know why I can't wait for Halloween to come. I am not going to do
  • My Sister… | Permed to Natural - Our relationship was never one of great support and love. The few times I went to her for support she revealed it in an attempt to hurt. Filled with a rage of

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  • AlliMc - Very disappointed from years past.

    I just wanted to say that I was not at all happy with this Holiday Barbie. I have been collecting them for years and this one was very disappointing. She was completely off from the others in past years. The hair wasn't "stiff" and in place. Her face and makeup were a little weird, her dress seemed cheap and her shoes would not stay on like Holiday Barbies in the past. She was completely posed differently and her left arm is pointing down rather then at her waist, like all the other dolls have. She did not come with a stand like in past years, which for people like me who take them out of box and display them was really a let down. All the other Holiday Barbies seem really over the top beautiful, well made and just lovely but this one 2012 seemed cheap (even thought price tag was 40 bucks)from doll itself to the dress to shoes to no stand. I didn't return it simply because I have been collecting forever and didn't want to miss a year. But 2012 will definitely be the year of crappy Holiday Barbie. I do not recommend. The 2013 doll looks very promising though.

  • GrandmaNurseHeather - They saved my summer

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my SkeeterVac and I love the TacTrap. I just wish that they weren't so expensive. We have some really evil biting yellow flies where I live and they are attracted to my SkeeterVac and stick right to these TacTraps! They have saved me from literally being disabled because those flies make me itch and swell and keep me from sleeping. They make me afraid to go outdoors. I'm still a bit afraid when these flies are at their worst but these saved my summer.

  • SummerAW - I love that. This product is exactly as advertised and ...

    The cover comes with 2 wipes, a wet and dry, to clean the surface of your phone. The application process is fast and stress-free! I assumed I would have to try to take air bubbles out, but there were hardly any, and by the next day they were gone. The edges of the tempered glass screen protector are smooth and rounded. I love that. This product is exactly as advertised and I highly recommend it to any anyone.