Agência Pés Formosos - Nós somos uma agência de evangelismo e pesquisas sociais, interdenominacional, atuando em setores não alcançados e de difícil acesso ao cristianismo, tais como universidades, escolas, teatros, centros de convenções, empresas e outros ambientes formadores de opinião no Brasil e exterior.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Joe W. - No apparent benefits and tastes terrible

    Opinion first: it tastes terrible. I've tried other green drinks in the past and this is by far the worst tasting of them all. I ended up mixing it with another juice mix to make it bearable.

  • Kevin - Review

    While there was nothing wrong with the access code that came with the book, my professor actually uses CengageBrain which is an entirely different access code which cost $80. The access code in the book is for a Thomas Business website that is not at all helpful in reviewing for the course. Waste of my money, should have just purchased the book without the access code if I would have known our teacher was using a different site.