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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Ceesne - Shampoo Tio Nacho

    Same here, it was just a normal shampoo, nothing that I would buy again. Thank you very much for asking my opinion.

  • WolverineSpear - Cheap.....and it shows.

    I am a research fanatic. Therefore, I reviewed hours of blogs and numerous websites before buying this stroller. Our daughter was 14 months when we bought it, so we were trading out our heavier infant stroller for something light. Well, this stroller is light and compact. I am happy with it in that regard. But, it is also cheap. The wheels are terrible so the stroller struggles to overcome any small bumps or cracks. We live in Old Town Alexandria, VA where all the sidewalks are brick. This stroller is terrible for that environment. The stroller is also so light you can't really put anything on it. Forget about the days of shopping and throwing bags on the back. The stroller will fall backwards the moment your child gets out of it. Next, I want to bring up the sun shade. It is essentially non-existent. We had to affix a longer share, meant for car windows, to ensure our daughter was adequately shielded from the sun. Finally, it just feels cheap - the plastic, the wheels, the weight, etc. We used to have a Peg Perego Pliko system, so maybe I am not comparing this product fairly. But, it is not the perfect fit for everyone. If you want something inexpensive, lightweight, and packable this may be your choice. However, be mindful of the fact that you get what you pay for and can live with some of concerns I noted above.

  • fessormojo - This time arount it is an all-star BAND not just a BAND of stars!

    This is the best programmed All Starr band so far. The surprise is the bassist, part of Mister Mister who is surprisingly moving, Todd Rundgren does his thing well as do the rest of the band.

  • Amazon Customer - BUY GREENS ON THE GO! IT DOES WORK!!

    Look, it tastes bad but you get used to it, and the benefit I get from it is nothing short of amazing! The only downside is the cost being a bit high. I've been without now for a few weeks due to saving every penny to buy a house and I can feel the difference of not having it, luckily my sis-in-law sells the stuff so I can go get my fix from her a bit discounted..

  • Roxie - Just didn't work

    Really wanted to like this seat but had to return it. My daughter's little head was smushed in between the side impact cushions. We purchased a Britax Advocate Clicktight instead and couldnt be happier.