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  • Fearney - AWESOME GAME! God awful UI and a few bugs ...

    Have played EVERY BF game since 1942 in 2002 with the exception of BF2. I jumped from Vietnam to 2142.

  • JLynne - Eye Opening!!!

    Excellent!!!!!! Had everyone watched this DVD, with serious minds, before our last presidential election, we would have saved our great nation a lot of pain. A documentary... well founded in documention, and still insightful for today!!

  • Jeffrey - A poor presentation

    This movie had a big cast, but of all of them only one had any acting ability and that was the wife of the main star. The movie was overly long and not very coherent in its story telling. The idea was good, but the script, acting and some of the plot sequences didn't make for a very good presentation.

  • GreenDoorD503 - Perfect for Pole!

    My pole studio sells Mighty Grip for 20$. I bought this for 7.99 (free shipping) and it has been awesome. I stick really well to the pole and have to reapply only occassionally, just like I did with mighty grip. Great for putting on your hands and inner thighs for a better grip!

  • B.E. - Great classic family game

    I get so tired of the kids wanting to constantly play video games. I decided this year for Christmas no electronics! while that was unrealistic, I did buy a few classic family games. This was one of my favorite game nights games to play and the price was great. So we will be playing SORRY and interacting more with each other this coming up year and less with the console and controllers. I am excited to start family game night with my kids and this in my opinion is the perfect game to start with.