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  • Geek Freak - Works well.

    This thing stops if you press too hard, but with a little patience it makes your feet feel awesome and smooth. I suppose the fact that it stops if you press too hard is a safety feature. I gave it to my friend for christmas and, ummm, as gross as it sounds, we all tried it. It was a winner. Also recommend coconut oil and socks overnight. In two days you'll have smooth hooves. : )

  • acejorg - Arrived missing parts

    Product has not been used because the pump it shows on the unit did not come with it. Now I have to spend more money to purchase something to be able to spray the product with.

  • Brenda Slater - Great case without inhibiting use of phone.

    I always purchase a new commuter series case with every new smartphone I get. I like this series because the screen of the phone is exposed the way I prefer, the case is smooth and not a rubbery material so it slides in and out of pockets or purse with ease. I have dropped phones on concrete and asphalt and have never had a cracked or broken screen. Always keeps the phone looking like the day I put it in the case. It's not bulky like the defender series.

  • R. Brodowicz - So bad...

    This series made me question my sanity, not because it was far out or anything but because I thought I couldn't get any worse than book 2.

  • NOREEN M LIVOLSI - House of Not Fun

    I found this game to be boring. To just push one button and than collect button wasn't much fun. A child would be the only one who might enjoy this game since you only watch the pictures spin

  • Jason Bader - Make sure your hitch's receiver hole is drilled close enough to the mouth of the receiver.

    As the tile states. The hole in which my pins install is too far back for this contraption to fit in. That was very annoying, the company needs to state (maybe they do and I did not read) how far the pin hole can sit from the opening. Make sure the (front of the) hole for the pins is less than 2&1/4" from the outside of the lip of your hitch opening, mine was about 2&1/2" which made this unit not fit. Any thing greater than 2&1/4 means it will not fit. The company should drill the back hole 3" and then also include a larger 1/2" spacer for these kinds of trucks. Sorry if there are typos, I am doing this review from my phone.

  • Penny Kelley - Great book!

    This was so well written! The science of what happens during a fast was presented in terms that a layman can understand. I had a lot of questions in my head about fasting and they were all answered (plus a few more). Even though it was a book about fasting, I didn't want to put it down until I finished it. I am so excited and positive about adding a little fasting to my life.