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  • Jeff - Runs poorly on Windows 7

    I've been using FTM for some time now. Product features are great. But it runs very poorly under Windows 7. I reinstalled my operating system and had to reinstall all my programs. Every program ran fine but FTM. Required much internet research to get it running. Not sure how less savvy computer user would handle this. It runs without crashing but now it frequently hangs for a couple seconds when changing views. Very very annoying.

  • 7th day Sabbath - 2012 Diamondback Overdrive Comp

    First off was looking for a full suspension 29er. Tested the Trek Rumblefish and Superfly 100 and then the top dog on my list, the Santa Cruz Tall boy. I still intend on purchasing the Tallboy but at $3,000 I'll need to save for that. Plus I need a bike for my wife. So I either get one for myself or buy a cheaper 29er and get her one. Enter the Diamondback Overdrive Comp 2012 version. I found mine for a steal of a deal still in the box at $489! I was told to look longer and purchase a Cannondale, Specialized, or Trek. Well I looked at these and for the price of the Comp these other big companies couldn't compete with what Diamondback has on the their bikes in the hardtail 29er version. Components are good, but not the best but I'd say better than average. The saddle is a bit hard and I will probably replace this. The bike on the trail handles exceptionally well. Again all I have to compare this too was the full suspension 29ers I was spending much time on. The last one being the the Tallboy by Santa Cruz, an expensive boutique bike that is rated as one of the best. In comparison to the FS bikes I was pleasantly surprised by the Comp. This bike can climb! In rock gardens, turns, or anything this bike can handle it. I've shown it to may people and they are really surprised at the weight of the bike. It's lighter than I expected. I thought it was going to be very heavy but it's actually very manageable. Of course its not as light as the Santa Cruz or the Superfly 100 but seemed about a light as the Trek rumblefish. I do like Schimano components and SRAm for me is taking some getting used to but thats a small thing. It shifts very well and accurately. Most of the other big companies have a 29er in a hard tail, but like I said they don't offer what DB does for the price, and as I tested their bikes the DB Comp 29er performs better than their 29er hardtails! I think sometimes you are paying for the name on these other 29er hard tails.

  • J. Spradling - As Important as Owning the Motorcycle

    Even a person who does not regularly service his motorcycle can read, understand, and carry out the procedures outlined here. If you own a Harley Sportster, you need this manual.

  • Lisa J Pursell - Great book

    Very informative and a quick read. A must if you are considering doing this practice on a regular basis. I've only been pulling for about 3 weeks but so far my teeth have stopped hurting and are not as sensitive to hot and cold. My dentist had recommended a root canal on one tooth if it continued to hurt, but it seems to be improving everyday.

  • Jim Spofford - What a piece of junk

    I finally upgraded after 7 years and am sorely disappointed in the new interface. I primarily use the keyboard to enter transactions into Quicken and Intuit has released a piece of software that I CANNOT believe passed basic user-interface testing. When switching between Quicken and another application and then back, Quicken shifts the focus to god only knows where, but it certainly is not in the field I was in before switching applications. This makes entering a transaction from an email, for example, excruciatingly difficult. All the extra money they must rake in by releasing a "new" version each year and they can't handle something a basic as common user interface rules . . . sad, sad, sad.