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  • http://pocp.com/blog/top-ten-health-it-trends-for-2016/ Top Ten Health IT Trends for 2016 - By Tony Schueth, Editor-in-Chief If 2015 was any indicator, 2016 will continue to be a year of innovation and change in health care and health information technology
  • http://pocp.com/blog/massachusetts-new-law-to-combat-opioid-deaths-could-affect-ehr-and-pharmacy-systems/ Massachusetts’ New Law to Combat Opioid Deaths Could Affect EHR and Pharmacy Systems - By Connie Sinclair, Director, Regulatory Resource Center Massachusetts recently enacted comprehensive legislation to help combat opioid abuse deaths, which have
  • http://pocp.com/blog/12-years-and-counting-2/ 12 years and Counting - By Tony Schueth, CEO & Managing Partner Last week, LinkedIn announced my 12th year at Point-of-Care Partners (POCP). Since I started the company, that makes POCP
  • http://pocp.com/blog/i-stop-maybe-not/ I-STOP? Maybe not. -  By Michael Burger, Senior Consultant When passed in 2013, NY’s I-STOP legislation was touted as a bellwether for patient safety, EHR adoption and interoperability.

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  • OscarMoscar - Chalk full of information!

    I plan on doing this program to heal my gut and (fingers crossed) kick my lupus into remission. Dr. Natasha Campbell did an amazing job of describing the science behind leaky gut and putting her plan in detail. I do want to mention that I read a blog of someone who did the GAPS diet and did not have spectacular results. A commenter mentioned Mediator Release Testing (MRT testing) to look for food sensitivities. Based on that comment, I decided to do that too before I started the program. Turns out I am highly sensitive to some of the main staples of the diet (beef, dairy, avocado). I am doing the LEAP immunocalm diet first based on my MRT blood results and plan to go directly into the introduction GAPS diet based on those results. By the way, MRT was the best money I have spent so far! I have been off all of my meds (including ibuprofen for joint pain) for 18 days and counting. Cannot wait to get elbows deep in GAPS to heal and seal my gut!

  • Catherine Rogers - SPIRAL ROCKS!

    Amazing quality and spiral! Makes coding so much easier than a traditionally bound edition. Should last longer than my original copy.

  • B. Laue - Avoid petroleum products --use this instead. It works!

    Petroleum distillate rubber conditioners will temporarily soften rubber seals, then turn them to mush over time. Not AT-205 Re-Seal! I've used this in two motorcycles (31 and 27 years old), as well as two cars (a 1996, and a 2003), over two years ago, as a preventative measure. No problems, no issues, other than it helped eliminate one oil leak. I originally found this product in an auto-parts store, for around $7 more than I paid here (minus S/H). Even with the postage fees, this came out to be $6 less, per bottle, ordering three at a time, than I would have paid buying it semi-locally (had to drive to a neighboring town, 40 miles away -- no one locally carries it).

  • Albert.O - Learning to code

    I am on chapter 3 of 31 now. Lots of good background information about insurance and necessary information to understand how to decipher the information in the ICD-9 manual. I have the 2011 version, so I am not up to date. The 2011 version is much cheaper since it is not up to date, but I wanted to learn the ins and outs of how to code and that is what I am getting. I feel I am getting a good learning experience with this purchase.

  • Amanda B. - Awesome coffee

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this coffee!!! It doesn't give me an acid stomach and it tastes great!!! My husband calls it the "happy coffee" for the way it makes us feel when we drink it. Good job!

  • Cody - Make sure you install it properly!

    When I first snapped mine in, it was fairly loose. I thought something was wrong. I soon figured out you really need to hammer the tabs to fan them out inside the body. Not many people explain this well and some never figure it out. The instructions just show some vague arrows. I took a large phillips screwdriver and gently hammered the tabs outward, using a rag to not mar the plastic. It can take some force, and you might feel like you will break something. I recommend starting with the top two tabs. Once the tabs are splayed past the edge of the sheet metal, this thing is very snug.

  • L. S. Tollman - Now I am an Earthing beleiver

    I read this book with skepticism. But I decided to try some of the grounding techniques myself. With the help of my spouse, we constructed an Earthing sheet for our bed. I must say, I am sleeping soundly siginficantly sounder and the arthritis pain in my wrist is reduced by more than half.