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  • SolidS006 - Good looking, Spacious and Strong!

    This is the second High Sierra backpack I own and I have been using my first one for almost three years now. I wanted to buy a second one to replace my hand luggage when I traveled to Asia with my baby. (I could not handle the hand luggage and the baby stroller by myself at the same time) Initially I thought it is gonna be hard for me to fit in all my stuff but I was surprised how well it accommodate all my stuff in it. I could easily pack about 24 Lbs in this together with my laptop. The reason I gave four stars was that this does not have a separate sleeve to place my laptop.

  • Rickyrick1221 - Awesome looking 09 fz6r

    Amazing tail light. I started off trying to be a tiny bit cheaper on a replacement taillight with the integrated turn signals but when it came down to it i ended up spending more on return shipping fees and taxes from buying lights from odd end dealers and having them ship the wrong part. This was an extremely easy swap and I had to do no cutting, splicing or any of that nonsense. Also I didn't realize that there was a light LED strip on the bottom to light up the license plate so i didn't have to add one in which was great. Overall i'd buy this again if I needed to.