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  • Rebecca Monk Dezan - Disappointment

    I must say that I was excited to get this product because if it's size and that it displays holidays in colorful icons. I thought my daughter would enjoy popping the bubbles. However, I was disappointed when I opened the package. It’s just a large poster with bubble wrap glued onto it. Each bubble is over a day of the week. There isn’t any space to write personal events because of the bubble over each date that's glued down. There's no space between the months and they all run in to each other. There are reminder stickers for, but if you were to use them, the sticker would cover up the date. It does come with eight color circles reminder stickers, but if you were to use them, the sticker would cover up the date.

  • Lisa - Cleans your face well!

    I ordered the Radha Organic Facial Cleanser to for nightly beauty routine. The cleaner comes in in a green bottle with a pump to release the perfect amount of cleaner needed to wash your face. One squirt is all that is needed. The cleaner is a light brown color with and earthy scent with a touch of citrus smell added it seems to me. This product works well with removing all my makeup and the dirt that accumulates on my face during the day. The cleaner is gentle and non-irritating. I also have my son who has acne using it and he has noticed a cleaning in his face, which has lifted his confidence levels. He also tells me that his face is feeling smoother and the girls like that. From his standpoint this is a bonus. I would recommend this product for teens and adults, male or female.

  • GaryBV - This is mainstream only if you are from the Dark Ages

    "An unapologetic advocate for mainstream values, Cory Bernardi presents a bold vision for a stronger nation that is founded on conservative principles." That's from the blurb above that describes this book and the author. My question is what 'mainstream values' are they referring too and from what age? If we are talking about the Dark Ages, then I would agree that this book represents 'mainstream values' but if we are referring to the 21st century, then to call Mr. Bernardi's values 'mainstream' is outright and downright offensive. Another crap book from another crackpot religious fanatic with no interest in governing, only in imposing his discredited and hate-filled views onto the rest of us. No thanks.

  • Jax290 - The all weather mats don't fit and customer service is lacking

    I purchased a set of WeatherTech all weather mats for my 2002 FJ Cruiser. If you own a FJ DON'T BUY THESE MATS. They don't fit, the formed well for the stock mats is smaller than the WeatherTech mats and as thus they leave a pocket just in front of the accelerator peddle. This pocket is where you would place your foot and cause the mats to lift up under the peddle. Remember the Toyota Recall for floor mats interfing with the accelerator?

  • Erin S. - Amazing book, thank you Donna Gates!! (but don't get Kindle version!!)

    This book is WORTH EVERY PENNY. If you're reading this to consider it, BUY IT NOW!! No on has paid me to say this, either.