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  • Veronique Vida - GREAAT SO FAR

    Great boook! I've bought almost $300 worth of bucks because I really wanna pass my first try. I know I can and I will and so far this book is great, even though there is no disk to review questions its okay... I just got it today but it focuses on the question and eliminating distractors which honestly with my I get distracted easily and tend to drift from the main reason of the question.I'm taking my test soon and all these books is worth it towards the end. DONT give up I hope I get it my first time and I know I will. Just remember your labs, read the clues, and eliminate distractors. :) Thankss!!! I swear these books feel like Christmas even though I hate reading this feeling just makes me feel determined and I dont even want to let go of the book! We are all capable and just be confident

  • Jessi Spurr - Enjoyed it very much

    Since I have reactions to many of the chemicals put in foods today, I was really looking forward to trying this. I was really glad it was not heavy on the salt taste that I find in many jerky type products. Instead, this tasted fresh and good. The pieces as others have reported are on the small size but that is good as I can grab a handful and go. I am not stuck trying to bite or break off a piece from a chunk of jerky. I usually don't want a huge piece and this was perfect for me. This is the first time I have had a product like this that I was not burping hours after eating it. Very impressed.

  • N.S. - Three weeks on Weight loss formula No.1 RealDose

    My intention was to lose 5 pounds. I ate three healthy meals a day and had three snacks a day consisting of almonds.

  • Livewire - Great Toy

    Never experienced anything quite like it. Can't put it down. In fact I have quit my job to allow me to play with this toy full-time. Now that I have purchased this toy, my job has become superfluous. It is now apparent that the only reason I (or anyone) had a job was to purchase this toy.

  • N. Stamp - This is now a part of my beauty regimen.

    I bought this product as a part of a detox. However, I never used it. Then, I started to get a large amount of inexplicable amounts of acne (or rash) and it wasn't go away. In fact, it was coming on faster. I'm a 51-year old black woman, and my skin is pretty decent for my age. So, I tried the mask. OMG! The bumps were gone the next morning. The acne came back a week later, I used the mask again. The acne went away again! Also, my skin looks healthier (younger). My pores are not as large either. I am loving the way my skin looks these days. This is a keeper.

  • Shayne West - Connects easily and is surprisingly comfortable and has a good range ...

    I'm giving this and honest 3 stars, but don't take that as you shouldn't buy this product, some folks think that anything less than a 4-5 star is jot a worthy product. I received the product fairly quickly. Connects easily and is surprisingly comfortable and has a good range from what ever device it's connected to. Only thing is the volume could be a bit louder, sound quality is good on both ends but maybe my hearing isn't as good as it used to be. I jus wish it were a bit louder. Other than that it's a great product for the price you really can't beat it. I really like the feature it has when someone is calling you it tells you the number that's incoming so you can leave your phone in your pocket. Very cool, maybe they all do that and I'm jus out of touch with tech but I was impressed when I noticed that.

  • Amazon Customer - Ok, but not great

    Some of the stories were interesting. All were unusual which evidently was a criteria. To my surprise I liked the one about running with the Bulls of Pamplona. I thought the one about going to dentists in France was strange.