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  • K. V. - Great stuff

    This worked well for me. It did not start "working" until the second or third day but I did use this product all the way through. I felt cleaner and less bloated afterward. I recommend allowing yourself plenty of time to use it (full days allotted) so that you won't be "stuck" somewhere. I would only use this product a few times a year simply because it's not good to cleanse more than that amount of time. As far as taste, I could tell none (bland). A lot of folks don't like the taste of things but to me, if it's healthy, that shouldn't matter. Just chug it down. Anyways, I didn't lose any weight per se but felt good.

  • raphael yuen - Great convenience in a small package.

    Learning to navigate around the books and getting to specific verses could be challenging initially. But once you have figures it out, its definitely a book to have in your Kindle. Its so convenient to pack your Bible with you wherever you go.

  • Derrick - Great Product, cultures well too

    This product eliminated some digestive problems I had been having for some months in just a week, just by taking as described on the package. I never thought a billion bacteria would be so effective. I guess the strain really matters. Here's a disclaimer: I don't suggest doing anything but following the manufacturer's directions. However, I have found this product cultures nicely in fresh 2% milk at 75 degrees over 24 hours to make a very neutral tasting yogurt like smoothie drink which is ready for splenda/stevia, honey, real maple syrup, vanilla, blender, or whatever else I plan to use it for. Culturing it in this manner increases the bacteria count by perhaps 100x to 1000x or more, perhaps to well over a trillion bacteria if my research is correct. (assuming a doubling rate of every 60 minutes, with a starting bacteria count of 1/2 billion would yield conservatively a bacteria count well into the trillions)

  • Mimir - Arrived DOA and MFGR did not help

    Arrived dead on arrival. Motor worked, but did not eject balls (the ones that came with set). Called the manufacturer directly, less then helpful when they asked me to take pictures/video of the light being on and email since they did not believe I knew how to plug it in properly. Even then, no response for several weeks and when they finally did respond it was "so how is it working".

  • Jimmie - Now I can all enjoy life again

    If you've ever wanted to impress your invisible friends and alternate personalities and show you all what a great cook they really are then this is the book for you.

  • Pashusa - good tool for a good price.

    I have used these grinders for years in a professional shop. They stand up to everyday all day use. I am sure it will far exceed my needs at my home shop.