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  • monalisa - Great morning drink

    I do seem to have more energy. (And love the taste) I add a little frozen fruit, NF milk and protein powder in a blender. I've never been a big breakfast person and this is perfect. It's not too sweet.

  • richard j moon - Well meaning, but falls far, far short of the mark

    How many times do I have to read the word "cracked" in a paragraph? This seems to have been a poor attempt to rewrite a kind of movie version of "Starship Troopers". I'll be frank and brief. This was painful to read, but I trudged on, hoping it would get better. It didn't. From the description of weapons alone, to the relationship between privates to NCOs its evident then author has no idea what he's writing about. I think he tried to get me, the reader , to empathize with the !ain characters using some pretty transparent devices. Then the main character would change his mind on his plight, so that went out the window. All I felt at the and of this series was the disbelief that I actually read this. This review applies to all the books in the series.

  • storknestmommy - Stinging and burning sensation on kids skin

    All of my kids used this soap and they were in tears and screaming within minutes of applying the soap. It was stinging their skin and left them red even after rinsing it off. The scent was great but the soap didn't work for our family.

  • Amazon Customer - Disappointment

    I was very disappointed in the results. I work out 6 times a week and follow a very healthy/clean diet with portion control and low calories. I took these consistently for 30 days. I do not feel as if they gave me extra energy or focus. I lost 4 pounds over the course of taking these supplements. Maybe they have worked for some, but did not work for me. Bummed with results.

  • Atlanta Consumer - Best Helmet Ever

    I tried many helmets and the Giro Aeon is the best I have ever found. It fits great with many adjustments. It's light (222 grams in medium), comfortable, and well ventilated. The workmanship is excellent, with quality straps and removable padding that can go through a washing machine. I'm on my second Aeon, the first one having done its job in a major crash, with the helmet staying firmly in place and absorbing the blow when my head hit the pavement. The Giro Aeon may cost a bit more than other helmets, but it is well worth the price. I encourage anyone considering a Giro Aeon to check the fit and measure carefully. I wear a large in most other helmets, but the Aeon medium fits perfectly.