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  • Yvonne in Pennsylvania - Just another scam.

    Look, the only way you would lose weight taking these pills is if you follow the diet in the accompanying book. If following the diet were the easy part then we would all be skinny.

  • W. Sweger - Less effective than our 50-mile leaf antennas until we added a second amplifier; hoped for better amplification.

    We were hoping for better reception with this antenna and it just wasn't to be. We had several 50-mile leaf antennas around the house and I wanted to replace all of them with this antenna. When I set it up and added the amplifier, it was actually less sensitive than the 50-mile leaf antennas (with amplifiers) than we already had. So I added a second amplifier in line with this antenna amplifier, rotated the antenna, and was able to pick up a few more stations in the Charlotte area (we're about 45 miles north of Charlotte). So without the second amplifier in series with this antenna, it was actually worse than the leaf antennas we were already using. Again, we're OK right now, but was not as good as hoped.

  • Curtis "Bear" - Really Good Quallity Ram for Computer/Definately Can Take What You Throw At It

    Awesome RAM upgrade for your computer! I recently bought these for my new Lenovo Flex 4 laptop and which was a upgrade from my factory 4gb. Installed very easily and snapped right in, perfect fit! Noticed the different right away in running multiple programs! I tested it out and ran several tabs running You Tube Videos all running at 4K quality and was not budging a bit and ran perfectly with no glitches. Def recommend this Ram for your laptop or computer!!

  • Tulsa666 - Match lot size with Blower

    It arrived on time and packaged very well. We used it 2 times and found that for our size property it was not powerful enough. Before I purchased I noted how the Local Lawn Care people were using this type of leaf blower and really liked it. My mistake was trying to save money so I ordered the samller unit... never again. If You have a small property it should work very well. If you lived closer you could purchase mine and I would get a bigger one.. :-)

  • SHERRY MUELLER - game that is hard to find

    it is the game that I ordered and I am very satisfied with the game. I would recommend it to other customers. I got it just for a game and not for any kind of cult doings as I do not believe in such things. Was just for the kids to have fun with and they enjoyed it.