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  • SyncMaster - I wouldn't recommend taking a call while going to the bathroom

    Ive been using this headset for almost a year. The headset is still not as good as the old ones. I dont understand what happened to the noise cancellation that Plantronics claims to have mastered so proudly. The noise cancellation is a joke. Everyone complains about hearing everything in the background. I had an old legend that was given to me and it was so good that I could talk to someone when I was riding my motorcycle with a helmet. After that one started to fall apart but still worked, I bought a new one. The noise cancellation was useless. The mic was so sensitive that my uncle and I used to joke about how the caller could hear my heart beating. And this problem wasnt just me because my sister and my uncle had one too and they had the same problem. What I notice is the old one and new one had different version chipsets. So, after a few months I figured I would try the Voyager Legend thinking that Plantronics might have gotten the bugs worked out. But sadly they havent. Its not as bad as the older one but people still can hear you. So I wouldn't recommend taking a call while going to the bathroom. However, the headset does work for me. It is comfortable but not as comfortable as the old ones. The old voyager was so comfortable that I almost go into the shower with it on quite often. I wear this thing almost all day at work but I always know its on my ear. The battery life is really good and the charge time is very quick.

  • arp422 - Like the concept of this but it does take several ...

    Like the concept of this but it does take several strokes of the brush to get it to straighten and even then there is still a little wave to your hair. Definitely not as good as a flat iron but good for maybe flat iron touch ups.

  • shanetscape - Read the reveiws first...Microsoft wants it this way...sad

    I should have read the reviews first. This will not install on computer with O365. Who knew Microsoft wants us to read FAQ's before we buy their software. Just wasted $600. Feeling sad :(

  • Mike Merrill - OK, product-- but Terrible Customer Experience

    I'm a long-time QuickBooks customer, and I really resent being forced to upgrade every other year when Intuit "removes" online support (i.e. you can no longer download bank & credit card transactions unless you buy the new version). That's a terrible way to treat your customers.

  • kjbearanator - Lilly love

    I love my Lilly planner so much, it seriously holds my life in its pages. Actually big enough to write everything!!

  • Abbey girl - Helped my dry skin

    I love the way my skin feels after using this product. The coconut smell is a little heavy at first but does not linger. I would recommend this product. and I will be ordering more.

  • Jorge B. Pisarello - the usual high quality of Waterman!!!

    I have been using Waterman pens for several years and I was never disappointed!!!, this is certainly no exception. A beautiful design and an easy and beautiful writing experience!