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  • Nicholas Palmer - The mounting kit fits fine. For a Ford Crown Victoria

    The mounting kit fits fine. For a Ford Crown Victoria, just snap off the mounts for the front, place your headunit in, and slide the whole thing into the slot. Very simple. Follow the directions on the manual.

  • jessM - Ugh awful

    These were so uncomfortable. They were wide and weirdly tight on the top of my feet, so I ended up sliding around and getting stabbing pains on the top of my feet and the feel of rug burn on the bottom of my feet. I tried to tie them differently, but nothing worked. 25 minutes on the elliptical and I had shooting pains from my feet up to my shins and my heels felt like death. Returned for sure.

  • Ellen True - Works great, excellent price

    We followed the instructions and had this thing working within 10 minutes of receiving the package. WAY better than paying the stealership for a key fob!

  • Phil Aruffo - Happy Birthday, Ringo . . . .

    Saw this concert on Paladium and decided I had to have it for my "collection". Ringo now joins his fellow Beatles George and Paul in the collection . . . . now to find a worthwhile John concert . . . . .

  • Grateful Mom - A great alternative to bleaching.

    I am very saitsfied with this product. I have been using it for about 6-8 weeks. I noticed changes in the shade of my teeth the first week of use and it has continued. Is it is as white as bleaching, no, but it is more natural plus I don't have the sensitivity to both my teeth and gums that I did when I bleached. This product actually seems to be improving my gums. I had to stop bleaching due to my sensitivity issues. I am ecstatic to have found this product and definitely hope it continues to work for me.