Psoriasis Vulgaris Medscape Ethics | Don't hide your plaques, treat your psoriasis instead! - Best Answer: I'm sorry, I don't know much about whether a detox diet can help psoriasis from personal experience, but I have looked around online and found some sources that might be Please help? What should I do about my Vegetarian daughter burrying the meat? What do vegans eat for protein?

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    This is nice shaving cream. It is much better than anything I have used out of a can. This leaves your face feeling good after a shave. My wife uses the lavender and I use the Sandalwood. Both are great scents! We really like this product.

  • Amanda L. Squires - Stand back--mathematicians are armed and dangerous!

    Weapons of Math Destruction (WMD) is written by a mathematician whose experience as a university math professor, a quant for a hedge fund, and a data scientist makes her uniquely qualified to study and assess the wide-spread use of mathematical models in a multitude of situations. O’Neil discusses a variety of data issues in her book, including how models are developed and maintained, whether or not models can or should be used to assess certain situations, and the potential negative impacts of misuse of mathematical models.

  • Stella - Heavy, but pretty and does the job so far

    so far so good. Pretty heavy, but it looks very nice. Minus one star as it takes very long to charge the power bank and since it is quite heave.

  • colo_chic - DOOMSDAY!

    It's definately worth adding to the collection. I would say better than "Volcano" a notch above "the Day after Tomorrow" in acting . . . and right up there with Deep Impact in terms of action and suspense. Good movie! But be in the mood to be a little freaked out or want to go out and stock up on supplies. hahaha!

  • Eric Cable - Shakes are truly disgusting.

    Folks, I've been around and I've eaten some nasty tasting things in my life. Heck, when I was in the Navy they served "USDA Grade F Beef:Suitable ony for animal or military consumption" (really).