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  • G. Norman Riebel - How did live without it!

    I had a job to do that required me to assemble the work on site. I was able to precut all parts and predrill the pocket holes in the shop. The parts were then transported to the site and assembled. Glue was applied to the pieces and assembled and ready to finish in a short time. I do not know how long and how many clamps would have been required if I had used biscuits, dowels or any other type of assembly. This is probably one of the best specialty tools I have ever bought.

  • Melissa - This mother loves more milk plus

    Super grateful for these capsules. After using some medication that put me on the brink of drying up, I ordered these capsules and staged a comeback! What I like best about these (other than their effectiveness) is that since its a liquid in gelcaps, it doesn't bother my stomach or GI at all. Other supplements for milk production always gave me some definite gastro unpleasantness. These don't seem to give my tummy or bum any problems, and I'm not burping up the taste of the ingredients, either. Just make sure you follow the directions for timing of taking the capsules. I do wish they were a little bit cheaper, as for my weight I have to take 6 capsules a day, meaning this bottle is a 20 day supply for me, but I'm not going to knock a star off for it.

  • Robin Smith - An Absolutely Great Series

    I read the original story in the first boxed set for the I Ops series and loved getting to know about Missy and Roi. So when I learned there would be an extended version I knew I would be buying it for my own collection. Missy is Peren's close friend and she was there when she set up Lukian with Peren and there was all the trouble with Parker kidnapping her. Of course with Missy's job being so secret she couldn't tell Peren nor Melanie about it. Now however it is Missy's turn to be in danger and its Roi's job to keep her safe. Roi is fighting his instincts where Missy is concerned not realizing the histry that they have together.

  • Scuttles - Surprised

    I bought this product yesterday from a Dr.s office that focuses only on natural healing options and I read about Cell Food on my 1st 2 visits there.