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Merüljön el a valódi kókuszolaj világában | Pure Coconut - Merüljön el a valódi, természetes kókuszolaj világában, bőrápolási tanácsokkal és hajápolási tanácsokkal.

  • http://purecoconut.hu/a-kokuszolajrol-diohejban/ Kókuszolaj | Pure Coconut - Bőrápolás, hajápolás a valódi kókuszolaj természetes tápláló hatásával, parabén nélkül!
  • http://purecoconut.hu/testapolasi-termekek/ Testápolási termékek | Pure Coconut - Testápolási termékek 100% valódi kókuszolajjal, parabén nélkül. Hidratáló krémtusfürdő, hidratáló tusfürdő, hidratáló kézkrém, hidratáló testápoló, testkrém.
  • http://purecoconut.hu/hajapolasi-termekek/ Hajápolási termékek | Pure Coconut - Hajápolás 100% valódi kókuszolajjal, Pure Coconut hidratáló sampon, Pure Coconut hidratáló hajkondicionáló, hővédő hajvégápoló, hajregeneráló pakolás.
  • http://purecoconut.hu/lelohelyek/ Lelőhelyek | Pure Coconut - Lelőhelyek, drogériák és webáruház, ahol az Inecto Pure Coconut és az Inecto Pure Argan termékek megvásárolhatók.
  • http://purecoconut.hu/pure-argan/ Pure Argan | Pure Coconut - Pure Argan testápoló termékek a marokkói argánolaj tápláló hatásával, intenzív hidratáló testápoló, hidratáló kézkrém. Parabén nélkül.

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    City: 19.0771 Budapest, Hungary

  • Cheryl S. - Great Product

    This is a great product and a great price. My husband and i been using it for years. They sell this in my dentist office for twice the amount we paid on Amazon. I would recommend this product highly.

  • Wayne - Great protection for your vehicle

    These are not just floor mats. They offer complete protection and are designed to contain spills, thus preserving your carpet. They are custom fit so they do not move or slide around which is especially important (safety) in the driver's floor area. They were shipped promptly and arrived in very in perfect condition. Great investment!

  • MrsBookWorm - So glad I got this!

    My kids enjoy reading this over and over. The Bears are cute as they are trying to see who's right. I love that I can switch to any device (iOS) and there it is! This is a great beginning reader book too.

  • Cathy - I think we're safer, thanks to Kaspersky

    No problems so far! And we had been having LOTS of computer issues, so I think this security program is helping. Our computer tech recommends it, and that's a solid endorsement.

  • RonAnnArbor - Unstable! Beware!

    I don't know what happened between the last version of Office (which I hate, but use) and this new version (which I also hate, and ended up deleting and going back to old version) -- it is completely unstable.

  • Boomer - I ordered this great little device to help my daughter with cleaning her ...

    This review is on the SmarToiletries Professional Cordless water flosser. I ordered this great little device to help my daughter with cleaning her teeth and gums better. It has been harder for her to floss with her braces on. The product worked right out of the box, and uses a built in rechargeable battery. This 3-Mode, rechargeable, waterproof, Oral Irrigator / Water Flosser has helped her to floss quickly and efficiently.The three pressure operation modes are easy to control and it comes with an LED indication light. The device has a high capacity water tank, along with four interchangeable jet tips. The tank is easy to fill, and the device has a two minute auto shut off timer. My daughter states that the pressure is great and this device is comfortable for her to use. She has now added this little device to her morning and night time oral cleaning routine. I like the clean design and functions on this device. Our old Waterpic is not as compact or portable as this device. We can actually take this on all our trips. I have not and will not receive any monetary compensation for my review on this great quality electric water flossing device. The machine looks exactly as pictured, and works as advertised. I am not influenced by the seller nor other reviewers, all my reviews are reflections of my own personal experience. The product has worked well not only for my daughter, but for me as well. I would recommend this product to my friends and family members. I have been given a discount with this purchase, and this is my honest and unbiased review.

  • James W. Ricci Jr. - Incredible Workout!

    As the prior reviewer indicated in his good review, this machine is great! I was going to purchase the E35 but decided at the last moment to go with the larger and slightly more advanced E55. I have had it since January 15th or so and have not been disappointed. Our whole family uses it from the 50 year old (ol' man) to my 9 year old daughter. A very heavy duty unit that can take my 6'5" 275 Lb frame and not go limp! Simply an excellent machine that provides and incredible work-out. I checked on many other manufacturers and the Sole was the only one to come close (if not better than) those in the gyms I used to go to!