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  • Maxine C. Schening - Jesus Christ Superstar!

    Had it on cassette when I was in the USMC I didn't have I I in cd . When I was in high school my girlfriend and I would belt out a few songs from her brothers album. Just brings back good memories for me


    Four and a half PRECISE Stars! iHealth's unique gluco-monitoring system uses whole blood samples from one person and utilizes smartphone and iHealth technology to display test results on the smart device screen in "mg/dL", along with additional related information. iHealth's Align Blood Glucose System provides a small glucose testing meter (measuring 1 and 1/3 inches by 1 and 1/2 inch with a headphone jack on the end) for inserting into the smart device headphone port, test strips in a coded container, lancets, injector, smartphone covers, and instructions on how to use a smartphone or tablet to actually take and record glucose readings.

  • A2theJackson - Pricey for what it is, but it works!

    Works surprisingly well! I know it's just a shorter shedding blade (almost a dull hacksaw blade) but it really helps to get the loose fur off my dog and cat. The smaller size allows me to hold the cat steady and still works on my 75ld dog. It really works best on the longer fur of my cat. I can pack it and take it anywhere on our trips. Nice addition to the pet owners arsenal.

  • Patrick Beart - Mixing Metaphors

    This movie is a lame and shallow attempt to blend Mayan Cosmology with Christian fundamentalist dogma. The completely convoluted premise that (somehow!) Christians found their way to Mexico in 600 A.D. begins this sappy religious tale. A Christian crucifixion cross is found in a Mayan temple and this inexplicably brings 5 people together in Chichen-Itza.

  • Amazon Customer - Really Good

    Very good product, 3 caps in a cup of instant coffee makes a very relaxing drink with a real nice Kava taste, I will be ordering more, good delivery, good value.