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  • LT. John - probably the best drop, but there are some frustrations

    Probably the best eye drop out on the market, but they have to be kidding with the price, as well as the stiff, tiny bottles! The medical science behind the product is solid, but Visine tears work almost as well and cost 1/3rd as much

  • P. T. May - Valves are smooth as silk!

    Really made the valves smoother and faster than my previous oil - very happy with the product. They want three more words so here they are.

  • Jean Magelky - Very good book!

    This is a excellent book for learning excel. It does go into much detail and explanation, and overall it is very good.

  • January - Great Game for Family Gatherings

    This is a fun game to play at family gatherings. It fun to watch the seniors play against the kids.

  • Harry Tate - Bridgestone RX330 Golf Ball

    This golf ball is very long, but also stops very quickly on the green. The ball is great to putt, durable, but most of all, it goes straight and it goes long. A perfect golf ball for golfers with less than 105 mph swing speed.

  • Striving for Fair & Balanced - Humidity not accurate. LCD quit functioning 2 days into it

    I need to keep my humidity levels good since I just adopted a parrot, so I bought this to use as a hygrometer to measure the humidity in our house. I did a salt test to make sure it's accurate, since I've always been taught you must calibrate hygrometers. The salt test consists of putting salt in a bottlecap about 3/4 full, pouring in enough water to moisten the salt but not enough to have standing water and then enclosing the bottlecap with the salt mixture in a sandwich sized ziplock bag along with the hygrometer, seal it up and let it sit for 24 hours. It should read 75%. I expected a variance of 2 or 3%, however, it came up as 86%. I retested the next day using a different ziplock bag and got 81%! It should've been the same. I was going to calibrate it by subtracting 6 degrees, but low & behold, it can't be calibrated. So then I decided to put a sticky note on it reminding me to subract 6% from the reading. So three days after receiving it, I sit it out in my living room hoping to have a reading by the time I get home from work, only to get home and see that only 1/2 the LED display is working. I changed the battery and same result.